This is fucking sad, my heart goes out to these amazing women and girls who deserved so much better

My heart breaks for these women who had their opportunities snatched by these men.

But you know what pisses me off more than anything? Is that we all know a trans man (female) would not get embraced like this in male sports. I’m willing to bet the women bite their tongues and feel compelled to accept trans women into their sports. Where as men would be the first to bully and complain about a trans men slowing the team down.

The answer is not women calling ourselves men taking t to compete in men’s sports.  

^ sadly we’d still lose because women on testosterone still can’t measure up against men’s natural advantage –

Transwomen on HRT for a given period, usually 6 to 9 months, cease to maintain the majority, if not all, of their athletic prowess one could attribute to testosterone. That’s in fact entirely the point of androgen-suppressant medication; to diminish and negate its effects.

Provided that was done, all I can see here is people being bitter because an athlete was in the wrong demographic while winning. I recall australia getting upset over that too once.

Fuck this transphobic bullshit.

They’re women. Competing in women’s sports.