“Upstanding young men and women”. They’re illegals and deserve to be deported. Don’t sugar coat it dimwit.

they had no say in the matter, they were brought over as children, and now they work harder than the vast majority of the people demanding their deportation

Firstly, those who wok are in the few, and the tax evading few at that. Secondly, blame the parents. Thirdly, and why don’t they just apply for citizenship then.

The vast majority of undocumented immigrants do have a job.

Undocumented immigrants DO pay taxes.

There are actually very few paths to legal status for undocumented immigrants. You cant just go fill out a form at city hall and be good.

The few roads to legal status that are available are not available to all.

The problem is that any such category as “illegal immigrant” exists in the first place. The restrictions and limitations on immigration are pure racism and have no justification to exist.

The moral thing to do is to declare a blanket amnesty and then make entering the country equally easy for everyone.