It surprised all of us when Miss Kendrick came to us here at Mesmer Hose.

She admitted to us that she had first heard of us through whispered talks amongst her friends. Talks about how it seemed hosiery was making a comeback on the fashion scene and how the women wearing hosiery seemed much happier and more satisfied with their lives.

Anna here admitted to us that she had always felt sexiest when dressed in stockings and that she was interested in the other benefits that our products could provide her.

Needless to say we were happy to oblige her and present her with a pair of our Mesmer Hose Dreamy Days stockings. The change is different for everyone who wears our products and it was no different for Miss Kendrick.

At first she seemed to maintain her bubbly normal persona but than we noticed the distant look starting to form in her eyes. The way her nipples stiffened under her shirt and the way she shifted her legs back and forth rubbing the fabric against her skin.

As the change took deep root within her mind she began to moan and squirm in front of us the far away look in her eyes taking on a tinge of lustful need. We knew the change was complete  when she orgasmed loudly and her eyes rolled back into her pretty head.

That was almost a month ago. Now Miss Kendrick is one of our favorite spokeswoman and models. It is always a lovely day at the office when she stops by for a shoot.