Magical Girl Syn, Chapter 1, Part 6

Mind reeling at what she’d just
witnessed, Cynthia picked herself up off the ground and staggered over to the
old woman. For a moment, Cynthia thought she was dead, but then heard her moan.

“No…” Grankitty said.
“Your birthday… Run, girl… before it… claims you… before… he
finds you…”

Cynthia shook her head. “It’s
gone, Grankitty. We’re safe.” She was crying, she realized. “You
saved us.”

“Not… that…” Grankitty
wheezed. “You… before I…” Her eyes stopped focusing on Cynthia,
or anything else. Slowly she breathed out, a long, horrible rattling sound.

She didn’t breathe back in.

“Grankitty?” Cynthia pled,
shaking her slightly. “Grankitty!”

Through her tears, she saw something
rising from Grankitty’s body like mist. It gathered together in the air above
her, forming into a softball-sized sphere of light and darkness, swirling
around each other but never blending. Cynthia stared at it open mouth, her mind
finally shutting down at one too many impossible things.

The mist finished congealing, and
the ball of light and darkness hung in the air a moment. It bobbed slightly
this way and that, and Cynthia remembered what Grankitty had said about running.
She tried to scramble to her feet, but it was too late. The ball fixed on her,
and then shot forward with blazing speed directly into her heart.

Cynthia gasped as a wave of pure joy
swept through her entire being, light and life and energy singing in her blood.
Then another wave followed, just as pleasurable but utterly different, a
tingling aching bliss that hollowed her out and made her skin tingle. Then
another wave filled her with joyful light, and then again the empty, ecstatic
darkness. Light and dark, joy and pleasure, love and lust swept through her in
wave after after, following each other faster and faster until she couldn’t
distinguish them anymore, could only float limply and helplessly in their grip.

Then the changes began. She could
feel her face shifting, and knew what was happening: her sunburn healed,
blemishes erased, imperfections perfected, until it was as flawless and
beautiful as a doll, just barely recognizable as her own face. Her hair turned
finer and fuller, bursting out of its pigtails and transforming into gentle
waves of perfect gold, which then wound themselves back into perfectly braided
pigtails. Her legs got longer and leaner, her skirt going from respectable to
obscenely short in the process. Her torso lengthened too, her waist slimming
and tummy flattening while her breasts swelled, straining against her blouse.
The blouse lost, buttons spanging off it in every direction, vanishing among
the shelves or bouncing off the ceiling. A moment later, her bra snapped too,
disintegrating away as the remnants of her blouse tied themselves into a knot
below her ribcage, just barely covering the bare minimum of her breasts. Her
shoes and socks shifted too, the former becoming chunky, black, high-heeled
Mary Janes, while her socks lengthened, creeping past her knees and halfway up
her thighs.

The light faded, and she floated
back to her feet. She ran disbelieving hands over her face, chest, belly. She
felt incredible, more alive and more powerful than she’d ever been in
her life, and her skin tingled everywhere she touched.

And if bare skin felt that good…
She ran a hand up to her breast, and gently stroked through the thin fabric.
Fingertips brushed over her nipple–and her eyes rolled back as her knees
nearly buckled.

“Ohhh wooooow…” she
breathed. Grinning breathlessly as she continued teasing her breasts, she
looked down at the floor, much more distant than she was used to. She ran her
free hand along the strip of bare skin between sock and skirt, then slowly
pulled up the skirt. She licked her lips in anticipation, unable to imagine how
good this was going to feel–

“I wouldn’t do that if I were
you,” said a small, high, but squeaky voice.

She turned and stared at yet another
impossibility: the toy cat she’d been looking at earlier was standing a few
feet away, glaring up at her with hands on hips.

It sighed. “I’m sorry this
happened, but I did try to warn you, Cynthia–well, I guess that name
doesn’t really fit you like this, huh?” It shook its head sorrowfully.
“I’m sorry I couldn’t stop this… Syn.”

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