Paul, right? The guy Gillian had that steamy date with last week? She told me all about it – you made quite the impression on her.Yes, all about. You could have the decency to blush, you know. She was extremely detailed, especially about – you know – down there.

*giggle* I’m sure you could! I honestly thought she had to be exaggerating about how attractive you are, but if anything, I think she might have understated it.

Oh, that’s… very enticing. I’m not exactly in the habit of fucking near-strangers the men’s room, but for you… I couldn’t, though. You’re dating Gillian, and she’s really into you. I could never betray her like that, no matter how desperately I want you to rip off my clothes and have your way with me.

Oh. That makes perfect sense. Gillian isn’t dating you. She belongs to you. I always thought being a slave would be bad, but you make it sound so inviting. No wonder she’s so happy. Being completely in your power sounds so erotic.

Could… could I belong to you as well?

A request from @deeperinmypower


Thank you, @clockworksandspirals!