“Paul, thank you – it’s been a great night, but I’m going to have to head off.”

“Oh, that is a shame, Aisling. The party’s just getting started!”

“I know, and usually, I’d stay, but….”

“Please, no need for excuses. If you have to go, that’s fine. But are you sure there’s nothing I can do to persuade you?”

“Afraid not, Paul. Now, if you’ll pardon me, I really should be go- I….I…wh-what is that?”

“This? Oh, it’s just a little Christmas present a friend made for me…”

“It….it’s beautiful…”

“It is, isn’t it? You’re the first person I’ve had the opportunity to show it to, but I’ve been told that it’s rather captivating…mesmerising, in fact…”


“More to the point, I think you’ll find you’re changing your mind about leaving so soon. You’re not going anywhere, Miss Bea.


“In fact, you’ve got nowhere else to go. There’s nowhere else you’d rather be, than here, with me.

“nowhere else…than here, with you, Paul…”

“Good girl. Now, follow me to the bedroom. I want you to slip that dress off, and as you do, you’ll be overwhelmed with an irresistible desire to fuck me…

“Yessss…follow you….fuck you….I shall obey, Master Paul…”