Everything stopped for a moment. It wasn’t just her eyes that locked onto the spinning crystal, helplessly gazing at each gleaming facet as it refracted the light in rainbow patterns onto her skin. It wasn’t even her body, slowly coming to a stop as her fingers stopped tapping and her legs relaxed into drowsy immobility. It was Linda that stopped. Her thoughts trailed off into blessed, blissful silence as she stared up at the pendant and allowed herself to focus completely on the way it caught the sunlight. She wasn’t thinking at all anymore. And it felt wonderful.

She had never been so utterly relaxed before, so thoroughly content to simply sit and stare and watch and listen. There was always something to do, a job or an errand or simply the lingering feeling that she had other priorities she was forgetting. That constant, nagging worry had long ago become the background noise in her head, a continuous prodding from her anxieties that didn’t seem loud at all until its absence became a deafening silence in her head. Even when she was asleep, Linda wasn’t as calm and peaceful as she felt now.

The blankness was practically addictive. Linda could imagine doing anything to get another fix of it, giving herself completely to her hypnotist if it meant that she could just lose all her worries and descend into the serenity of trance once more. She wasn’t really worried about it–Robin took good care of her and respected her limits–but she wasn’t sure how far she’d go to simply stop thinking and obey. When Robin instructed her to strip, she knew it was something they’d long ago discussed and agreed to, but she also knew that it felt so much better to obey than to think that she would happily have embraced the command simply because it felt so joyous to do what she was told.

There were no worries in trance. There were no decisions, no regrets, nothing but the perfect pleasure of obedience and the mindless focus of hypnotic bliss. When she masturbated for Robin, her fingers furiously rubbing her clit while she chanted out mantras of submission she didn’t even remember, Linda didn’t have to think about it at all. She only had to follow Robin’s commands. The whole world narrowed down to one decision, to obey or disobey, and Linda literally couldn’t choose wrongly. That felt even better than the orgasm.

The crystal kept spinning. Linda’s fingers kept moving. But the most important part of her, her mind…that had stopped. And Linda didn’t care if it never started again.

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