You found her in your apartment, sitting on the floor crying.

You tried to settle her down, attempted to figure out who she was. Her eyes were pressed closed with tears streaming down her face. Even in that state, you could tell she was beautiful, bewitching even.

Another tear ran
down her face as she turned her face away.

“No, he sent me
here and I won’t do it.”

“Won’t do what?”
you ask, “Hey, look at me.”

She shakes her
head and mutters, “Can’t look, you’ll look into my eyes.”

“So? I’m sure
they’re pretty,” you respond, offering a smile

“… then you
won’t be able to look away and he’ll make me do it…”

“Nothing bad is
going to happen. It’s going to be ok, what’s your name?”

She wipes her
eyes, “My name is Siren.”

She finally looks at you, and you smile. Oh… and her eyes are quite beautiful.

“There, see,
nothing bad happened,” you offer slowly.

You keep looking
into her beautiful eyes. How is she so pretty?

“No, but now you
can’t look away… can’t fight… you’re already relaxing…”

You take a deep
breath… you look deeper… wait, relaxing?

“That sigh, that
deep breath… you’re already feeling so good… and every moment I hold your eyes with mine, that I don’t break away it’s better… deeper… more relaxing…”

She sniffs and
wipes the remaining tears from her face, and the light catches her eyes. You sigh
and fall into them deeper and deeper…

“And the more you
look the deeper you’ll fall under my spell, and I can’t resist because you
can’t resist. That’s how it starts and how it ends…”

Everything feels
so nice… you take another deep breath…

“You have to
fight for me, because as you take another breath you can feel it happening, and
I’m so sorry… Please, don’t find yourself helpless to look even deeper into my eyes.”

You can’t help
but stare deeper, the flecks of color sparkle and capture your eye… you don’t
try to look away. Her voice seems further away… what was she saying?

“Deeper… can’t
resist…” you try to mutter, but all you do is moan.

She moans in
response, and caresses your cheek.

“See? I told you.
And as you slip deeper… as you let your mind relax and fall away… as you
take deeper breaths and focus more and more on my eyes… I just can’t help
myself, I have to obey. I have to make you obey…”

She pulls you to
your feet… Her eyes continue to fascinate you.

“And you’re so

Wait… obey?
What did she mean?

“Yes, you already
want to obey, you can’t resist, I can see it in your eyes… god why is this so
hard to fight. It’s impossible to fight my eyes…”

Your mind
reels… what’s happening… can’t fight what… eyes…

“You keep trying
to pry your gaze away, but you can’t… and the more you look into my eyes the
more I have to look back, it’s a circle, a feedback loop. We’re helpless. No escape, because the more you fight the easier it is to just surrender…”

A feedback loop.
Building. You feel her sliding your clothes off without breaking eye contact
for more than a moment. You’re helpless.

“I can see the
resistance fading in your eyes, and I know that means my own is fading too… I
can’t resist… I have to keep going… You understand I’m just as helpless as
you are, just as much of a slave as you’re becoming.”

Your mind grows fuzzier, more blank… deeper…

“You understand, don’t you?” 

You nod mindlessly
as she undoes the fastener on her dress, letting it fall to the floor.

“I’m so sorry…
my eyes are controlling you, ensnaring your thoughts and enslaving your mind. I
know that it’s pure bliss, coming in delicious waves that make it impossible to

You sigh happily;
she pushes you gently to your knees.

“Now we’re naked,
you’re blank and mindless… kneeling… so close to surrendering to me… I’m
so sorry, just focus on not letting yourself cum. As you start to stroke your
pussy for me… even as it fills you with perfect bliss to obey me… You have
to resist.”

Mindless. You sigh, feels so nice. Your hand moves between your legs…

“No, you have to
resist my control, you have to understand. If you cum you’re done for… it’s
over. Understand? You’ll be my slave.”

You nod, cumming
means you’re a slave… means it’s over…

“If you surrender
to me, I surrender to him… again… fuck it feels so good to surrender
doesn’t it? Feels so good to let someone dominate your mind and force you to
surrender, to obey.”

You moan,
mindlessly letting her eyes bore into your minuscule remaining willpower. You

“I’m dripping
wet, and I can see you are too. You can’t stop, can’t fight me. You never
could, never tried. Never questioned me or even had a chance.”

Your mind reels,
what is happening? You manage to break the gaze; your hand slows for a second.

Her hand slides under
your chin and forces your eyes back to hers.

“When you cum,
that’s it, you’re mine. We tried to fight it, but we lost. No sense feeling bad
about it. After all, you’re nothing more than another thrall. Deep down that’s all you’ve ever been… A slave ready and
eager to give her cunt and mind over to me…”

You moan deeply,
and your mind reels. You feel fuzzy.

“It’s time to surrender,
to let go of your mind. You can’t fight me, you belong to me now.”

You nod.

“Cum for me…

Your mind goes
white as the orgasm burns through you. You look up at her.

You hear your
voice come forth, “I obey. What do you wish, Mistress?”

She pulls your
face into her dripping pussy, “This is a good start, I’m so sorry I wasn’t strong
enough to save you. Do you forgive me?”

As you mutter a
response to the affirmative, your eyes finally break with hers to start to

Mistress’ essence
begins to flow down your throat.

You sigh, happily.

A wicked grin
crosses her face replacing the innocent, shameful frown.

“But, that’s ok, none
of you are strong enough.”


This was a very interesting take!