The Candy-Striper



Sarah was finishing up her senior project at the hospital.  She’d volunteered at St. Michaels Hospital since her sophomore year.  Her dream was to become a nurse and help people.  Her school’s new Senior Project was a perfect opportunity to take her dream just one step further.  “How are things going today Mrs. McNeil,” she pipped as she came to check up on the elderly lady in room 501.  “I’m fine, dearie,” the old lady cooed, “a little nauseous.”  Sarah checked Mrs. McNeil’s forehead and cheeks with the back of her hand, “I’ll call the nurse, maybe an adjustment to your meds is needed.” Before Sarah could hit the call button, Mrs. McNeil wretched and vomited all over Sarah.  Nurse Giles rushed in right after to help Mrs. McNeil.  “Sarah, head over to the uniform closet and get a clean uniform,” the nurse instructed.  Completely disgusted, Sarah walked gingerly down the hall to the uniform closet.

Sarah stripped out of her soiled scrubs as carefully as possible.  Luckily no one was in the uniform closet, so she could stand around in her underwear for a moment while she rifled through the folded-up uniforms.  Amidst all the blue scrubs, she saw a red and white striped uniform wedged in the back of the shelf. Curious, she pulled the thing out and shook it out.  “An old candy-striper uniform,” she chuckled to herself.  The uniform was made for someone obviously smaller than her, but as she held the garment she felt an odd compulsion to try it on.  She unbuttoned the uniform and squeezed her arms and shoulders into it.  It was tight. It pinched in the arms and shoulders, she tried to button it up.  She squeezed and pulled the front closed and buttoned it, the buttons strained and pulled. She almost gave up and took it off when her whole body started to tingle.  An erotic shiver crept up her spine and she moaned with sensual pleasure. The uniform began to fit better as her body began to transform.  Her excess body fat melted and/or redistributed, her muscles toned, and her face morphed into a creature of sheer beauty and lust.  Sarah moaned and panted as the transformation began to affect her mind. God, where can a girl get some good quality cock around here?  She giggled to herself and looked at her self in the mirror.  She looked fucking hot.  She lifted her uniform to check out her ass.  “Fuck,” she huffed, “now that’s an ass worth fucking.”  She gave herself a naughty spanking and left the room to look for something big and hard.

She checked the charts hanging on the door outside each room.  No, no, no…She ignored the judgmental stares she was getting from some people. But she reveled in the lustful looks she was getting from some people.  “Perfect,” she purred to herself as she read the patient chart for room 541.  She pushed up her tits and threw open the door.  Laying on the bed in the hospital were two baseball players there for their annual physicals.  She walked in between both guys; both were sitting in bed with their mouths agape.  “Mmm, hello boys,” she purred, “I’m volunteer…Sasha.”  The name just popped out but felt right for the new her. “I’m here to conduct a very serious test for your physical,” she sighed as she unbuttoned her uniform.  Both men were dumbfounded and awestruck by the girl before them.  She oozed sex and power and they were hard instantly.  Sasha glanced and the growing bulges in their hospital gowns, “I see you’ve got the right equipment for the job,” she sighed and dropped to her knees.

“Oh, fuck yes,” Sasha moaned as her pussy was filled with hard jock-cock.  “That’s what my slutty pussy needs,” she cried, “but my mouth is empty now.”  The other hunk was stroking his hard cock watching his buddy get fucked by the slutty candy-striper.  “That was your cue to put your cock in my mouth, dumbass,” she hissed as the oblivious guy stared at her.  “Oh,” he stuttered and walked towards the hot bitch.  Sasha moaned as her mouth was stuffed with cock.  He might be dumber than a bag of hammers, but his cock was amazing.  This was who she was meant to be, not some goody-goody volunteer, but a hot fucking bitch that could have any cock she wanted.  Both men pummeled, pounded, and pistoned in and out of Sasha’s slutty holes. Sasha was fucked in her mouth, ass, and cunt until she was howling in ecstasy.  Both guys eventually finished all over her face.  Sasha purred as her face was splashed with gooey gobs of salty spunk.  She put her uniform back, “thanks, boys…that was just what I needed.”  As Sasha sauntered down the halls of the hospital she spied the directory.  She bit her bottom lip, “Dr. Benson, Hospital Director.” With this body and mind, it wouldn’t be long before she was running this whole goddamn hospital.  She smiled wickedly as she pushed the elevator button for the top floor.        

For @evie-hyde , for all the sexy caps in the last few days.  Happy Holidays.  Here’s one for you.  I know how you love a good girl turned slutty bitch.

I love it! Sasha is defo my kind of girl now!