I love snapping my fingers and making her my mindless and obedient slave. I love controlling her thoughts and using her as my fucktoy. She loves it too.

Sometimes though (and don’t tell her this) I think I might love being silly with her just as much. There is a phrase, an in-joke, which makes her dance for a few seconds, swaying that lithe little body for me with her hands in the air like she was in a night club.

I have done it whilst out shopping, whilst watching TV at home, in pubs and clubs and one time on a hike with a large group who thought she was very excited about taking a rest stop… It always makes her flush with embarrassment and arousal, which of course makes me want to pounce on her immediately.

My favourite time to do it though is when she is getting ready work and running a little late. The punch in the chest or arm she gives me when the trigger releases her is totally worth seeing her do her sexy little dance naked…

Lol that’s mean