Lemma the Librarian: Hard Truths Part 6

“You love being helplessss,”
it said. “Pinned by my gaze, feeling me devour your liessss and force you
to accccept the truth, thissss excccitesss you. I can ssssmell your arousssal,
little morsssel.”

And it was true. I was incredibly
turned on. If it released me at that moment, I would have jammed a hand down my
pants and frigged myself then and there, dragon or no dragon. “I… it’s
just…” I stammered. “I’m just… used to this kind of situation
leading to sex, that’s all!”

“No,’ the dragon said.
"You ssssought out ssssituationssss where it would lead to ssssexxxx,
becausssse it isss ssssexxxxy to you.”

“No…” I said again,
fighting to resist the crystal certainty, the belief growing inside me. Because
it’s not true? Or because the struggle makes it hotter?
–and if my knees
could have buckled at that thought, if I weren’t held immobile by the dragon’s
eye, they would have. “I… I always fought back.”

“Becaussse you believed you had
to,” the dragon said. “Becausse you believed your own lie that you
didn’t want to ssssubmit.”

“I… I…” Something
inside me snapped. A wall fell, and behind it there was only truth, the true
fact that I wanted to be used, to be broken, to be mindfucked. “…take
me…” I managed, and the dragon’s laughter echoed until the cavern shook.

“Now you sssee the truth,
little morsssel. But I have no desire for you, even if you could sssurvive a
mating long enough to get to the good partsss. Fear not, I will leave you
enough liessss to warm you. I will even give you a gift, in thanksss for liesss
of rare deliccciousssnesssss, a usssseful truth. Leave this placccce, and climb
down the cliff to the sssshore. Follow it, with the occcccean on your right,
and you will find your friendsssss.”

And with that, I was released from
its gaze. I staggered back out of the cave into the light of day, and nearly
collapsed onto the same outcropping I’d laid on for a while before. It had
, I thought. It could have done anything, but it let me go. I
imagined if it hadn’t. What did it mean, I wouldn’t survive? How intense could
dragon sex be?

I couldn’t help myself, and the fact
that I couldn’t made it even better, even harder to resist. My hand slipped into my pants as
I closed my eyes and imagined the dragon becoming human-shaped, even while its
eyes stayed the same irresistible, inescapable flames. Imagined it pinning me
to the wall with eyes and cock, fucking my mind and body, using me, owning me,
claiming me, transforming me into its plaything–

I shoved the knuckles of my free
hand into my mouth to muffle my cries as I came. It was true, everything the
dragon had told me: I wanted to be controlled. The thought of my mind being
manipulated turned me on. And I honestly couldn’t be sure whether I had always
felt that way, or believed I had always felt that way because the dragon
made me.

And that may have been the hottest
thought of all.

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