Celia and Renee thought it would be fun and games when they redeemed that coupon for a free hypnosis therapy Renee’s ex boyfriend “accidentally” lkeft behind when they broke up.
It started out innocent enough. He made Celia bark like a dog. He made Renee act like a little girl, then a tough sailor, then a cat.
Then he hypnotized Renee into just sitting their no matter what. He made her watch as he convinced Celia to strip to her heels and get down on all fours, commanding her to stay that way once she was out of trance.
Then he made Celia watch as he did the same to Renee. He tranced them both, commanding Celia to get dumber and hornier as he fucked her, and for Renee to want the same, more and more, as she observed her friend turned into a fuck doll. He whispered into Celia’s ear to, when she was as dumb and horny as she could get, to command her friend to beg him to turn her into a sex toy for her ex. And then he whispered to Renee that whatever Celia commanded her had to be obeyed.
Renee could barely squirm as her friend’s intellect and dignity were fucked away. She just new she wanted it to. She was not dumb, not yet. She knew why her ex walked in and sat down across from them, and god help her, she wanted it.

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