Magical Girl Syn: Chapter 2, Part 1

Syn froze and stared at the cat. “I… What?” She started at the
sound of her own voice. It was her voice, but changed–slightly
deepier, throatier, a perfect contralto purr. But compared to the talking
stuffed animal, that was pretty minor.

“It’s me, child. Your old Miss Kitty,” it said. 

“Okay, but, you died. I saw it! That… That thing came in,
and–and you–” Syn flushed. She should be terrified to think of the
literal monster which had killed Grankitty… But she couldn’t focus on that. Every
time she did, she remembered what it had done to the redheaded beauty Grankitty
had become. It had horrified her at the time, but imagining it now… Part of
her wanted it. A big part.

It must have shown on her face, because the tiny stuffed animal claiming to
be Grankitty said, “Starting to understand, are you?”

“What’s happened to me? How are you here? Why do I feel so…

“You can say it,” said Grankitty. “I think it’s best you

“…so horny?” Syn managed. And she was, more than she’d
ever been in her life–which, as a teenage girl growing up literally in a
nunnery, was a lot.

“Yes,” said Grankitty. “That’d be the curse. I’m sorry child,
I never imagined it’d be you.”

“What curse? Why–how do I–” How do I get uncursed, she
had been about to say. But, was that really what she wanted? Or just to get
off… She trailed slow fingers down her bare midriff, and shivered. It felt so
good, she could only imagine what it’d feel like to–

“Syn!” Grankitty snapped. “Pay attention, this is

Syn jerked back as if struck. Grankitty had never spoken to her like that

Seeing her expression, Grankitty sighed. “I’m sorry, child, but there’s
no time to waste, and I need to explain what happened to you. The curse…
Well, it’s not just a curse, it’s a blessing, too. Black magic and white at the
same time, which doesn’t make sense to me, but that’s what it is. When I died,
it jumped to the nearest person that qualified…”

“Qualified?” Syn managed, trying to listen to Grankitty and not
squirm. She was tingling and empty, and so, so wet…

“Like I said, it’s a holy blessing. It only works on a virgin. And it’s
an evil curse, so it only works on someone who’s six plus six plus six years
old. And when it found you, it did… That.”

Syn looked down at herself. She was definitely farther from the ground than
she was used to, and her tummy was perfectly taught. She felt her butt through
her skirt–yes, that was definitely plusher than it used to be. And her
breasts… she felt them through what was left of her shirt, and shivered.
“Ohh… this doesn’t feel like a curse…” she moaned.

“It is one,” Grankitty insisted. “Oh yes, you’re blessed
too–with strength, beauty, power, inexhaustible energy, supernatural senses,
healing–but the curse twists all that. Angelic beauty becomes a body built for
sin, all that energy becomes lust, your senses of touch and pleasure enhanced
as much as sight or sound.”

“Mmm, pleasure doesn’t sound so bad…” said Syn, still feeling
her breasts. They were bigger, firmer, and softer all at once, somehow, and
every stroke and squeeze sent fireworks shooting up into her brain and
electricity down into her pussy, and since when did she even think
words like “pussy”?

But now that she was thinking about it… Slowly her hand drifted
toward her skirt. She touched her leg, just below the hem. Smooth, silky,
hairless skin met her finger, and she moved it a little higher, just above the
hem. She couldn’t believe she was doing this right in front of Grankitty, she couldn’t…
but maybe Grankitty wouldn’t notice–

“You stop that right now, young lady,” Grankitty snapped.

It was the voice of an annoyed old woman scolding her about sex. Some things
go deeper than magic, and Syn could almost feel the ruler rapping her
knuckles. She blushed, snatched her hands out from under her skirt, and put
them behind her back.

“There’s much worse to the curse, too. First thing is, you’re stuck
like this until sundown. If you can make it that long without an orgasm, you
can go back to normal–but if you cream before then, then you’ve got to go hold
out all the way to the next sundown.”

“Um,” said Syn. “So I’ve got superpowers and everything feels
amazing and I look hot. Why would I ever want to go back to normal?”

“Well for starters,” said Grankitty, “you think you can go
home like this? Will anyone even recognize you?”

“Oh,” said Syn. “Yeah, that’s…” She trailed off, head
cocked to one side. “Do you hear something?”

“And there’s worse, too. If you ever–”

“Hang on,” said Syn. “Really, do you hear that? It sounds
like…” Her eyes widened and she turned to look out the smashed wreckage
of the store’s front wall. Beyond was a scene of carnage she’d almost managed
to forget: the street torn up, buildings smashed and half-collapsed, dead
bodies. And somewhere out in there… “Someone’s calling for help!”
she cried. “Come on!”

She jumped through the whole the creature had left, and shouted in mixed
fear, surprise, and joy as she found herself gracefully leaping half a block
without meaning to.

“Wait!” called Grankitty after her. “You mustn’t–ah,
dangit.” Grumbling, she tottered forward on tiny stuffed-animal legs, and
laboriously began climbing up through the hole herself.

To be continued…

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