Magical Girl Syn: Chapter 2, Part 3

Syn soon found the source of the faint cries for help she’d heard from the
shop: they were coming from under a pile of rubble about three blocks away. She
grabbed a chunk of concrete and twisted metal as big as she was and lifted it.
To her surprise, it came up easily, and she tossed it aside. Other pieces of
rubble followed just as easily.

How strong am I now? she wondered, but there was no time
to consider because there he was, a barely conscious man. She pulled him from
the rubble, but it looked bad. His clothes were soaked with blood, and he had
stopped calling for help; now he just lay in her arms, shivering.

What do I do? she thought. Part of her was very aware she was
holding a man across her lap. The weight felt good, the warmth… She shook her
head, trying to clear it and think. Grankitty had said something, hadn’t she?
Syn had been so distracted by the feel of her new body, of her fingers on
skin… and she was getting distracted again. She needed to think!
Grankitty had said, had said–healing, that was it! Part of the blessing was

But does that mean I’m good at healing from my own injuries, or
I can heal other people? It had to be other people, because if it wasn’t,
this man was going to die, right here in her hands. But how? How could she heal

Something else Grankitty said, that the curse twisted the blessing. It
turned beauty into sex, energy to lust, right? So if it twisted my healing
powers the same way…

She knew what she had to do. Or what she thought she had to do, and it was
what part of her really, really wanted to do. She lay the man gently
on the ground, and then slowly, trembling as uncertainty fought wanting to help
fought the yawning chasm of need inside her, she unzipped his pants
and pulled out his cock.

It was only the second penis she’d ever seen in real life, but the sight of
it made her mouth water. All thought ceased, and something like an autopilot
took over. Before she knew it, his cock was in her mouth–and just like pussy,
that wasn’t a Cynthia word, but it was definitely a Syn one.

It shouldn’t have worked. He was half-unconscious from blood loss; there
wasn’t enough left to get him hard, even for the lips of a teenage girl built
like a wet dream. But this girl was imbued with powerful magic both light and
dark, and her mouth had both the healing touch of an angel and the infernal
skill of a succubus.

He hardened rapidly in Syn’s mouth, and she moaned in growing excitement.
She wasn’t even thinking about healing him anymore; she just needed to be
filled. She pulled her mouth off his cock with an audible pop, then scrambled
forward to straddle him. As her soaking pussy slid slowly down around his cock,
her mouth dropped open and her eyes widened.

It felt incredible. It was indescribable, like nothing else she’d
ever felt, a feeling of fullness that made the emptiness inside her turn to
molten chocolate and flow out through her whole body. There was no need to
think, no hesitation, no uncertainty: she let the pleasure sweep her away and
began to ride him.

Head thrown back in ecstasy, hair flying, her skirt pushed up around her
waist, Syn hastily untied her blouse and let it fall open. Her tits sprang
free, bouncing as she did, and that felt incredibly too. She grabbed them,
squeezed them, stroked her hard nipples while she slid up and down on the man’s
cock, and all too quickly she felt herself tightening, winding up like a

The man was stirring below her, groaning. Still not really conscious, but
beginning to thrust up to meet Syn’s own movements. It was working! But that
hardly mattered compared to how she felt, rising higher and higher, a wave
building toward–I’m not supposed to do this, she remembered. Grankitty
said not to, not to, not to…

She shrieked in ecstasy as she came, a mix of cries of “yes!” and
wordless noises of blissful release. Her hair danced as her head thrashed back
and forth in her spasms, her quim quivering around his cock, pure pleasure
exploding out through every part of her.

Just as she was coming down, the man spasmed as well, and suddenly her pussy
was filled with something else as well, thick and hot and creamy. Another wave
spread outward through her, a wave of pure love and peace. Her eyes closed as
she sagged bonelessly above him, a puppet with her strings cut.

When they opened again, she saw him in a new light. Her confusion was gone.
Everything made sense now. Slowly she lifted herself off his cock and then
knelt next to him, aware now of the most important new truth of a day full of
new truths:

She belonged to him. Completely, utterly, and forever.

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