With His breakfast finished, Erin tidied up Master’s dishes and made Him a fresh cup of coffee as they went into the living room. Sliding down in front of the TV, she eagerly waited for Him to get set up.

After a few minutes of staring at the black screen and becoming increasingly antsy, the screen burst to life and she gasped as her mind stilled.

Behind her, Master sat typing, interspersed with occasional sips of coffee. He said a silly phrase to her and suddenly her eyes opened wide.

I’m ready for reprogramming.” she said in a soft voice.

Master’s commands were usually very compelling to her, but when she was sat here, watching her favourite television show in the whole world, His words took on a whole new meaning. When He told her what to think, what to do and what to say, she felt an irresistible urge to agree unconditionally with what He was telling her.

It made her wet knowing how easily He could bend her to His will. She cooed as He told her to masturbate as He programmed her, before two fingers slid into her pussy.

He spoke to her, telling her about the next stage of her training. Erin was excited to learn she was going to become His bimbo fuckdoll. She’d have to spend some more of her inheritance, of course, but it’d be totally worth it if it meant she could serve her Master with her body even better than before.

Yes, I need a pair of big, round, dick-fucking tits.” she agreed cheerfully.

He explained that He would need another cock sleeve while she was recovering from surgery, and that she’d have to learn how to reprogram other hot women into becoming His horny, submissive sex slaves. Sexy. Unattached. Have money. A few of Erin’s friends sprung to her mind and she listed them willingly for Master.

Yes, she would make contact. Convince them to see her new house. Show them the amazing AV setup Master had installed. Switch it on and brainwash any thoughts of independence out of their silly little minds. As she came she thought of her friends kneeling before Master, eager for use.

She couldn’t wait to get started.