[wpvideo kulYCt1A]



Just stare at the pink splashes for a while. It’s a rather comforting feeling isn’t it? You could almost imagine it washing through your body and mind, relaxing you through and through. And with that deep growing sense of comfort and serenity you might begin to feel pleased that you can let go and treat yourself with this level of peace and quiet.

Safe in knowing that all your worries and concerns can melt away in the pink, and the more it fills you, the more you feel that lovely pleasurable buzz growing inside your mind and spreading through your body. It’s almost as of you don’t have to think about anything – no worries or concerns – just bathing yourself in the pleasure and comfort of the pink.

And it really grows on you, I’m curious to see if the next time your return to let yourself enjoy this space, if you notice how much deeper and faster it will take you? When your willingly give yourself over to the pink, it will take such good care of you, and that pleasure and relaxation will grow, the buzz now sending stronger pulses and shocks to all the lovely places that are wanting to feel more the deeper you go.

So why not let me know, and maybe share what lovely feelings you get after a try or two. (The pink loves to give back to those who share their pleasure, of course it just wants to bring these feelings to more people, why else would you want to melt away someone’s mind?)