Denise had been in town for three days and, based on what she’d seen so far, this was the biggest ripoff of any vacation she’d ever paid for.  Part of her wondered if she just wasn’t doing it right, if she didn’t know where the attractions actually were, but it wasn’t the kind of thing you could just walk up and ask a random passer-by for advice on.  So she’d toured the historical society’s museum, attended a movie at the local theater, flipped through all the channels on her hotel room TV and had her fortune read by a pair of local “psychics”.  And not one thing out of the ordinary had happened.  Denise had almost given up as she made her way through an uninspiring meal at this nearly empty restaurant.  The travel agent, she assumed, was even now having a good laugh at her expense.

And then, she noticed the TV.

At first, it just seemed to be flickering, as though the reception was terrible.  But there was something about those flickers… as though it wasn’t static, but another channel trying to break through… and each time it happened, this other channel was stronger… the pattern was so interesting… fascinating… soon the TV was nothing more than a glowing green screen strobing in and out… in and out…

Denise was captivated by the image, so much so that it wasn’t until she’d slid one of her dress straps down and begun exposing her breasts that she realized what was happening.  She tried to stop it, tried with everything she had, but her hands were moving of their own volition now.  

Her lips parted and the words “I… will… obey…” came unbidden.  Denise was shocked to realize that she wasn’t the only one in the restaurant saying those words.

She was aware of her panties beginning to soak.

It was happening.

Exactly what she’d paid to travel here to Pendulum City, Kansas to experience.

As her mind began to grow foggy and she became vaguely aware of men in visors in her peripheral vision coming to collect her, Denise recalled the exchange with the travel agent that had really sold her on the experience.  She’d asked “Once they have me completely under their control, how do I know they’ll let me go?” and he’d answered “Isn’t not knowing the fun part?”

The men stood Denise up, her dress falling to the floor as she relaxed completely into their arms.  Again, she head the other voices speaking along with hers as she spoke the words the moment they popped into her increasingly brainwashed mind:  

“I… must… fuck… on… command…”

Denise came.  Hard.

And her mind faded into the beautiful green light.  

She’d gotten exactly what she paid for.