First a caveat, I’m new at bring a dom, so forgive me if this is a boner question. I have a lovely sub, we are really clicking and she is so good. But she is a tough woman, an alpha, she doesnt do girly shit and she can even bench more than I can in the gym! (we met there). I am devoted to her but need to know if this kind of woman will work out as a sub? And again apologies if this is a dum question thank in advance.






It’s not a boner question, it’s a very good question, actually. If your Tumblr dash is to be  believed, all submissives are demure and Geisha-like and ethereal, able to glide to their knees with effortless ease and strut a pair of fuck-me pumps like a runway model. 

It’s all a crock of shit. 

I know submissives who jump out of planes into fire, run through the woods in the middle of the night for a hundred miles, jump out of perfectly good airplanes for fun every weekend. Who are doctors and lawyers and psychologists and EMS personnel and trauma unit nurses. Who are tomboys, game nerds, Sci Fi geeks, Potter Heads, Whovians, Brownshirts, LoTR afficianados,  able to spew out enormous tracts of Monty Python dialogue without getting a single word wrong. Who can crush me in the squat rack, cave in my solar plexus in a sparring bout, and drink my hard-drinking Irish ass under the table without even getting tipsy.

But when that special One to whom they have given the gift of their submission calmly says “Kneel,” they drop.

Ignore the stereotypes and just revel in the fact that it sounds like you have one of the good ones.

i haven’t fallen in love with a post this way in a long time.

Can’t rec this post enough. If had a nickel for how many submsisives I’ve met who are absolute badasses in one way or another, I’d be a very rich man. Many submsisives are even considerably more capable then their dominant partners. My own submissive is considerably more organized than I am. She is more intelligent than I am. She is better at a great many things than I am. The only thing that is required for a submissive to “work out” is that they trust you and believe in your leadership. The rest is just details.


I mean, if you think about it, it makes sense. Being “alpha” (god I hate that term) all the time must be exhausting, of course you’d want one person in one context who you could just let take charge.

This is so good, but it took me a second to realize that he meant ‘browncoats’, not ‘brownshirts’. Sliiiiiight difference there.

Ahaha, I didn’t catch that! Good point, not QUITE the same thing.