With the string of missing women still unsolved in Coast City Wonder Woman went to the palatial mansion of renowned therapist Doctor Mindlull. The doctor had treated all of the missing women in the weeks before their disappearances, and while the police had turned up nothing it struck the super heroine that something was amiss.

Cautious she declined the offer of a glass of wine at the start of their interview. Wonder Woman did however accept a seat by the pool where they would conduct the interview.

The doctor looked through the files she had brought.

“I remember all of them. Of course I can’t tell you anything more than I told the police, they’re still under doctor client privilege. But yes I know all of them,” he said putting the files down on a table.

Wonder Woman nodded, not willing to give up so easily, “Is there anything you can tell me?”

“Well perhaps I can talk in more general terms. They all came for similar reasons, that may help your investigation,” he said.

The Amazon nodded, “Any new information would be useful.”

“They all had very stressful lives, usually jobs. Janet is a prosecuting attorney. Lacy is a nuclear technician at the naval base. Christine is a…”

Wonder Woman cut him off, “Do you call all your patients by their first name?”

Dr. Mindlull nodded, “It helps to build an intimacy and trust. Now imagine having such a stressful job. I bet that’s pretty easy, you’re Wonder Woman after all you save people all the time. Every day in fact. It’s easy for you to imagine how it might feel to always be working, to always be Wonder Woman. People always need saving, it must be a heavy weight on your shoulders.”

Wonder Woman nodded, she did understand that sort of stress. The kind that these women had in their own lives.

“So you might find it hard to truly relax, to let go of being Wonder Woman. To relax and take even just a moment to be at peace, relaxed and calm. All of that heavy responsibility weighing you down, it would be so nice to just take a deep breath and relax.”

She leaned back into the chair a bit more as he spoke. It had been so long since she relaxed. Since leaving Paradise Island she had been saving lives as Wonder Woman. 

“So tempting to relax, to not be Wonder Woman for just a few moments. Who are you when you’re not Wonder Woman?” he asked.

“Diana,” she heard herself say.

“Diana and it’s nice to just be Diana. To not have to worry, or think but just to relax. Why don’t we take a moment and relax now? Just relax and let your mind cease to worry, your stress fade.”

Wonder Woman slumped back further into the soft embrace of the chair. She had forgotten why she had come to talk to the doctor. Now only the promise of relaxation and peace mattered. 

She listened to his voice and noticed that she was removing her magical lasso from her belt. Wrapping around her own wrists she handed the other end to Doctor Mindlull, who took it and pulled it tight binding her. 

With the influence of her magical lasso his words worked even deeper into her mind. Her resistance faltered and vanished. Hours later she was by the pool, now in a Wonder Woman bikini. She had forgotten all about the missing women.

In fact she had forgotten everything but the pleasure of relaxing and a new desire to please the Doctor for all that he had done for her.

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