It’s the scent she can’t get enough of. His cock is cute, and it’s nice to see the way it throbs as she nuzzles it in thoughtless abandon, but…the smell of him is driving her wild. Not rank or unpleasant, just…strong. An overpowering musk that wafts into her nostrils and makes her eyes flutter as she tries to inhale every last bit of it. It’s so strong, she realizes. It’s much stronger than she is.

She extends her tongue, giving his head a few tentative licks. The flavor is amazing, like nothing else she’s ever experienced, and she simply has to have more of him. She begins to lavish attention on his balls, running her lips over every inch of his skin, breathing heavily through her nose to capture the wonderful aroma that seems to thicken with every passing second. It’s like the hornier he gets, the more of that enchanting scent he makes. She isn’t thinking too clearly at the moment, but she makes the connection before more than a few moments have passed. Then she begins to get her fingers involved as well as her tongue.

He’s panting now, openly growling with arousal as his fingers tangle into her hair to press her face against his crotch. She doesn’t mind; she’s already rubbing herself openly against him, a little closer doesn’t make any difference. She can smell his arousal, his precum and the scent of his body all over her mouth now, smeared onto her and into her and racing from the tiny blood vessels on her skin through her bloodstream to pulse her whole body into arousal. She begins to squirm, her thighs caressing each other and tickling her clit. She doesn’t consciously notice. She only knows that nuzzling his cock feels so fucking good now.

She can almost feel him throb, his balls tightening and twitching under her ministrations. She wants him to cum, and cum as soon as possible. It’s all she can think about. She’s moaning into his flesh, she thinks she might already have come once but she’s not sure because she’s hypnotized by the scent of his warm skin, and she can’t keep her eyes open for more than a few seconds at a time now… but she’s really thinking about his cock. About making it spurt. About making him cum all over her face and tits. She can’t stop thinking about how good that’s going to smell.

When he shoots his load onto her, it’s even better than she imagined. She purrs in naked pleasure, tasting his semen off her own body and whimpering in mindless delight at the flavor. She falls backward from a crouch into a drunkenly seated position, giggling with confused and ecstatic bliss. All she can think about is how good she feels. Like she’s drugged with pleasure.

It’s going to take a little while for him to recover. But a lot less time than it will for her.

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