All the greatest hypnotists share a little bit in common with the best magicians–their art is the art of misdirection. When you’re focusing on one thing, they’re subtly altering something else without you noticing. When a magician says, “Nothing up my sleeves,” they’re drawing your mind away from what they’re doing with their shoe. When a hypnotist says, “Look into my eyes,” they’re drawing your mind away from what they’re doing with their words. It’s the same here.

The trick to spotting the trick is figuring out where you’re not supposed to look. It’s easy to watch her lips sliding up and down, endlessly bobbing on his stiff cock, and assume that he’s simply using his hypnotized toy. But look at his hands. Or more exactly, look at where his hands aren’t. That’s when you’ll understand how deeply controlled she really is. That’s when you’ll understand where his power is. And hers as well, although her power is turned to surrendering to him.

There’s nothing but his will pressing her mouth onto his cock. He’s not grabbing her, he’s not holding her, there’s no force making her swallow his shaft all the way down to the base until he can feel her hot breath tickling his balls. All he needs to do is move in rhythm with her motions, letting her suck the way that she already wants to. And every thrust sends her deeper. And deeper is exactly where she wants to go.

That’s the secret. She wants to be hypnotized. She wants to be controlled. She wants to do nothing more than lose herself in the taste and the feel and the bliss of serving his cock. He doesn’t need to do a thing, because she’s so willing to entrance herself with him as the focus. He prompted her, he showed her his erection and reminded her with a whisper, “You are helpless to resist my cock…” But he was only telling her what she already knew. And she knew it because she wanted to know it.

She sinks deeper with every motion, gratefully. Proudly. She knows she could wake up at any moment if she wanted to; the trance she’s in is her trance, in the end. She gave herself to him, and she could take back anything she surrenders. But that only makes his control stronger. If it was an opposition of wills, there would be times when he was weaker and she was stronger. But when her will and his work together to bind her mind into deep, inexorable submission, there’s no way for her to escape. Which is exactly what she wants.

She’s lost in his power, lost in his will, lost in the endless rhythms of her lips on his cock. And through that blissful, joyous trance, the two of them create a magic all their own.

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