your english reformation name:








girl : ‘anne’ or ‘catherine’ + the last thing you bought with ‘shire’ at the end

boy : ‘henry’ or ‘thomas’ + the last thing you ate with ‘sbury’ at the end

hmmm, do I leave out food and gas and go back to the last thing I bought that wasn’t one of those?

[checks bank history]

hell yeah I do because then I can make your acquaintance under my new name of Anne Hotwaterbottleshire and I’m now more English than the Queen herself

Pleased to meet you, I’m Thomas French Dipsbury. 🙂

Since I bought them and he ate them, can @xxmasterandmargaritaxx and I be Henry and Catherine Burritosbury?

You can and should 😀

Henry Cookiecakesbury!

Look, I’m a grown-ass adult living on my own. I can buy a giant cookie cake for my own damn self and have a slice for dessert each night because I fucking feel like it, and I have no shame!

Thomas Pizzasbury

I’d like to think he is both English and Italian

Catherine Cardiganshire

I am p. fuckin English