Can you tag @funtimesinthevoid in any new hypnotic audio posts? Thanks Ella!


Of course @funtimesinthevoid! Thank you for wanting to be tagged! (If anyone else wants to be tagged in audio posts who isn’t on my usual list, please let me know!)

Also, in case you haven’t heard them all, here is my soundcloud with all of my current tracks.

Also- hells, here’s my whole repertoire:

Ella Enchanting Inductions Masterpost (ranked in order of personal        perceptions of kinkeryness, from most to least):

Asking Permission: So- maybe I have a thing about being asked nicely for stuff. This file requires the listener to ask my permission to listen to it a second time. Don’t worry, I always grant it (as long as you ask for yourself). This may be my favorite file because it led to a lot of feedback and I LOVE hearing from listeners. I’ll still occasionally get an ask from this file and it will brighten up a dismal day.

Baseline Test Induction: Based on a Blade Runner Scene, this one is probably nice if you are a robotification fan or if you like something that sounds vaguely brainwashy. 

Pattern Interrupt Confusion Induction– I need to come up with better names for these. This one if higher on the kink scale because it contains so many hypnokinky tropes.

Speech Fillers: I didn’t make a straight up bimbofication file on purpose, but I can see why so many bimbo-ey folks like this one. I kind of do too- I think it’s clever.

Kitty Cat Induction– You could see some pet play in this one if you wanted (although I think it’s enjoyable even if that’s not your thing). This is my favorite of my own files to listen to- and a cat in a sunny window is one of my favorite mental images of relaxation.

Experimental Amnesia Fractionation File– Where I take every freaking amnesia technique, put them in a blender, throw them at the wall in your mind, and see if anything sticks. 

Fractionation: I had forgotten about this one! Doing fun things with a numbers scale. Kinky because countdowns. Mmmm countdowns. 

Direct Suggestion and Mantras: Mantras are kinky, right? These are pretty tame as mantras go. I like how they interlink.The picture I found for this one is pretty great.

Derren Brown Induction: Only kinky insomuch as I have a big ole crush on Derren Brown. Can you tell? If you haven’t heard the gospel of Derren, here is a post to get lost in for a while.

Con Recovery- I mean, I guess the con this is meant for is a hypnokink con so- eh? But this is mostly a nice file to help you wind down from and begin to process a hypnocon. Will I be shamelessly self promoting it again in about a week and a half? You bet your tippy I will.

Timeywimey: Not so kinky, but definitely nerdy. My take on a Doctor Who-themed induction.

For later.