Candace didn’t quite know how to respond. They had to know she was in the shower–the glass was a little fogged over, but not so clouded with steam that they couldn’t see her, even if they somehow missed the sounds of running water. She sure as hell knew she could see them–this close, she could probably use them to study for an anatomy test. But it didn’t stop them from going at it right in front of her.

She didn’t want to cause a scene or anything. She was a guest, after all, and Mark and Sandi had been perfectly lovely hosts up to now. And they didn’t seem to act like they were doing anything wrong. Mark was fingering Sandi’s wet pussy until she was shaking and moaning in his arms, and it seemed so perfectly natural to them that Candace felt oddly like she was the one intruding. She couldn’t bring herself to interrupt, not even when Sandi sank to her knees with a glazed look in her eyes and began bobbing her head up and down on Mark’s cock.

If she could have gotten away with it, Candace would have just slipped out of the room and left them to it. But she was in the shower, dripping wet and naked. She’d have to open the door and walk right behind Sandi while she was in the middle of sucking Mark’s hard, throbbing cock. She’d have to walk right in front of Mark, giving him a full view of her slick, nude form. She’d have to let him see her tits, the water beading up on the smooth skin, while his wife, her oldest friend, took him all the way into her mouth. No, Candace was trapped until they were through.

But they didn’t stop. Sandi sucked his cock like a mindless machine, her eyes vacant and her cunt dripping onto the bath mat, but he wasn’t cumming. No matter how reverently Sandi fondled his balls, cupping them and running her fingers over the sensitive skin with a supplicant’s adoration, Mark stayed so hard. He just kept fucking her mouth. She was whimpering in pleasure, her pussy was so wet, but Mark wasn’t cumming. Candace needed him to cum. It was her only way out.

The water started to feel cool on Candace’s feverish skin, but she barely noticed. She was lost in the tableau before her, waiting with bated breath for Mark’s release. She needed him to cum. The reasons were as foggy as the bathroom mirror now, but she knew she needed it just as much as Sandi. Candace unconsciously fingered herself as she watched. She couldn’t look away anymore.

Candace was aching with arousal by the time she finally realized what she needed to do. It was so simple, once she understood. She didn’t know why she hadn’t thought of it before. She knew just how to make sure Mark came. It was so easy. She opened the door and stepped out into the warm, humid air, feeling her nipples stiffen as she dropped to her knees. “Please cum,” she whispered, her voice pleading with him. Then she added her lips to Sandi’s on his cock.

“Good girl,” Mark said, petting Candace’s hair gently. Candace felt a surge of pride and pleasure course through her body as she felt warm jets of sticky fluid spraying onto her face and tits.

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