Diane still didn’t know what to think about her boobs.

Sure, they were big, and sensitive. Really sensitive, but like, in a good way. They even felt nice bouncing around under a sports bra — so nice, in fact, that she didn’t even mind when guys checked her out at the gym.

She used to hate it when guys checked her out at the gym. She used to hate going to the gym, period.

But then one day Diane woke up only to find that her entire closet full of professional outfits had been replaced with lycra, spandex and yoga pants. Her online calendar, usually booked for months with planned meetings with clients, was instead filled with the schedules of a half-dozen different gyms and studios.

And no matter how hard she tried, her previously stern demeanor, which had brought Diane so much pride and success in an office setting, was replaced by an uncontrollable cuteness.

Which was why she was so perplexed about her boobs: She didn’t know whether to call them boobies or titties!

Oh well, maybe some boys on Tumblr would help her figure it out.