Karen would have been fine with a blonde bimbo. Or a slutty coed. Heck, she even could have handled being a Hooters waitress for a week. But she was not prepared for her husband to turn her into… a secretary! And in her own office!

It was so demeaning. So humiliating.

When her former subordinates weren’t giving her menial tasks or sending her out for coffee, they were eyeing her like a piece of meat. And no matter how hard she tried, she could only smile and blush.

Karen tried to dress professionally, but if she put on pants she found it impossible not to show off her cleavage. And if she buttoned up her blouse, she felt utterly compelled to flash her legs.

Karen’s moment of relief finally arrived when she saw her husband’s name on the meeting list — apparently he was a new client.

Finally, a pervy businessman she didn’t mind leering at her.