“Sooooo… you’re saying you needed to interrupt my run to tell me that you found a magic app that lets you alter reality. Doesn’t that sound sort of crazy to you too?

Lisa> Subject will become as excited to have Master PC work on her as User is.

“..Crazy awesome, that is! We should go try it out right away at my place! It’s pretty close by. C’mon, jeez, let’s go already!“

-20 minutes later-


“Christ I am loving these big tits! You found a really sexy middle ground between huge and humongous… but wait a minute.. was I about to do yoga anyway when you made the changes or am I doing yoga because that’s what Master PC is making want me do?”

Lisa> Subject will forget about Master PC but remain excited about any changes made. Subject will become easily distracted by her own breasts and loves looking at them.

“Do I even know how to do yoga? Seems like I’ve mostly just been bending over and jiggling in your direction for the last couple of minutes… not even sure if I’m jiggling because you made me want to jiggle or if that’s just what you do when you suddenly develop huge tits. They are really fun to watch so…”

As if noticing them for the first time she stares transfixed at her boobs as she shakes them from side to side.

Lisa> Subject will become more attracted to User the more she looks at her own breasts.

“… hey are you even watching?” she asked pouting “I’m fairly sure I’m not crouching here and jiggling for my own benefit. The least you could do is put down your phone.”

Lisa> Subject will not notice User using his phone.

“Huh… what was I just saying? Guess I was just showing you my new exercise stuff. None of my other clothes fit. I really can’t believe how big they’ve gotten recently… should probably be worried but it’s just been too much fun! Plus you’re really cute and seem to be into them and… just watch them go…”

She stares down at her own shaking tits again, occasionally glances up to grin at you, and then looks down again.

“So what do you think?” she asked breathily, eyes snapping back up to you with a grin “I feel like most guys would have taken the hint by now but I can tell you’re not like most guys… “ she gazed at your face with a dreamy look of adoration for a few seconds before her eyes began darting between her still swaying jugs and your face. After a few seconds of this she seemed to snap out of it and looked at you more sternly “but seriously dude if you keep those pants on a second longer I’m gonna rip them off and burn them. Might do it anyway unless you promise to stay the weekend.”


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