He was my best friend.

Most girls don’t have a guy as a best friend, but that’s just the way we were. We had grown up together, played video games together, hung out at the Apple Store at the mall together.

Sure, there were times when I could tell he was staring at me the way… well… the way a guy stares at a girl. And I’d be lying if I said I’d never thought of him the same way. But why risk ruining a friendship?

But I guess everything changed when I went over to his house to celebrate his birthday — just him and me and the entire extended edition of all three Lord of the Rings. I remember it was a pretty dreary day, so I was wearing my hoodie and rain boots to walk over to his place. And I had to make sure to keep his present from getting dry — it was a weird looking locket that I had found at the resale shop.

We both had always loved cool stuff like that.

“The guy who sold it to me said its supposed to contain a wishing stone,” I told him as I pulled it out of my jean pocket. “So what do you wish for, birthday guy? Besides finally being able to beat me in Mario Kart?”

He chuckled at my joke and slid the locket around his neck.

“What would any guy wish for? A perfect girlfriend.”

He wasn’t usually so blunt about girls and stuff — at least not around me — but it was his birthday, so I figured I’d play along.

“Oh? So what’s a perfect girlfriend?”

He stared at me up and down — he’d never done that before — but I just let it slide. Sometimes a girl likes a little attention, even from her best friend. Plus, I was the one asking him all the provocative questions.

“Well, you know, she’d be really girly and sexy, but also cool and laid back.”

It was funny to hear him talk like that. For all the time we’d spent together, we had never really talked about dating. I fidgeted with the cuffs of my jean shorties, curious what else he liked.

“And she’d love to dress really cute, with like a teeniebopper edge. Oh! And she’d definitely love to show off. You know? Like, teasing, but in a fun way.”

Bizarre! Was this his way of describing our friendship? I mean, how many times did I let him win at strip Mario Kart so that I’d have to sit around his room in my bra and panties? And how often did we hang out at the Abercrombie and Fitch or Forever 21 at the mall while he watched me try on different outfits?

Could my best friend also want to be… my boyfriend? It was all too much.

“Well, birthday stud, I hope your wish comes true,” I interrupted him, trying to change the subject. “But we’ve, like, totes got all of Middle Earth ahead of us. So why don’t you make yourself comfortable while I get the snacks.”

I hurried into the kitchen, my heels click-clacking on the tile floor, my mind racing a mile a minute. Sure, I always loved it when I caught him sneaking a peek at my titties. And maybe I relished a bit too much in finding excuses to bend over in front of him. But we were just having a good time. Did he want it to be something more?

“Oh, I almost forgot!” I heard him yell from the living room. “My perfect girlfriend would totally get off on sucking my dick.”

Unf! Just thinking about the idea of blowjobs was getting me all hot and bothered. Come on! Me? On me knees in front of my best friend? My lips wrapped about his throbbing manhood? My head bobbing up and down while I snuck a hand between my own legs?

It was practically my secret fantasy.

That was it. We had a whole day’s of movie time ahead of us, and I was going to make it happen one way or another. It was time to take our friendship to the next level.

I reapplied my lip stick and grabbed a few bomb pops out of the fridge — maybe some sensuous sucking on the popsicle would give him an idea.

After all, the only thing better than a best friend is a girlfriend.