She was a sophomore in college when the phone calls started.

Knowing the career path she wanted to pursue at a young age, she had stripped away her childish lifestyle by the time she was 16. Gone were the bright colors and the giggles and the obsession with social media drama; her future was bright as long as she played the part well.

One day, however, she received a phone call from a number she hadn’t recognized. The only thing she heard when she answered was the voice of a young man, deep and warm, which said,

“Hello, little girl.”

She was confused and a little scared, and before she could respond, the voice had hung up. 

While most 19-year-old college students would’ve been a little freaked out by such an ominous phone call, she was more annoyed. How dare he call her a little girl! She was 19, and her adult brain was taking her places! 

The next day, she got yet another phone call, and the same voice responded.

“Hello, little girl. You’re looking particularly adorable today.”

And, again, hung up.

Her curiosity was now anger toward this warm, charming voice. She looked at herself in the mirror. She didn’t look adorable. She was wearing a grey blouse with black business slacks. Who was he to say that she looked adorable?

Still, as she looked at herself in the mirror, his calming voice bounced around in her head. She didn’t look adorable. She looked mature, grown-up.

She…didn’t look adorable.

After fighting her own mind for what seemed like hours, she decided to put on some lip gloss that one of her more outgoing friends had let her borrow. Her lips sparkled in the light, and the wet, sticky liquid felt tingly against her lips. 

She still wasn’t “adorable”, but she felt a little more feminine. And there’s nothing wrong with looking feminine, right?

The next day, another phone call. She answered it after a ring and a half, surprising herself with her anxiousness. She bit her shimmering lip a tiny bit as she placed the receiver to her ear.

“Hello little girl. You’re looking particularly adorable today. Your little outfit is just so colorful…those colorful clothes sure make you happy, don’t they?”

Dial tone.

Again, she looked in the mirror. Grey again. There was a time when she knew the difference between the shades of grey, but now all she saw was drab. She didn’t stick out from the crowd in grey. She wouldn’t attract the attention of any employers in grey. She wouldn’t be able to attract a sexy man in grey…

As she watched her face grow red in the mirror, she shook her head, frustrated. She didn’t know what was wrong with her, or why she was suddenly growing bored with her wardrobe, or why she was suddenly imagining herself in a blue (but modest) dress, or why her crotch was suddenly warm and wet. 

She ended up skipping her business class that day and went to the mall instead. If she was going to make a good impression at this school, she wasn’t going to be seen wearing grey ever again…

Two years later, she was supposed to graduate. She was supposed to be walking up onto the stage and accepting her coveted diploma in front of all of her peers, who would’ve watched on enviously as she marched off the stage and into a life of responsibility and success.

Instead, she was drooling onto her twin-sized bed, stuffed animals surrounding her, her bright-blonde hair done up in messy pigtails. Her fuzzy, multicolored sweater was pulled up past the breasts, and her hand was furiously rubbing her throbbing pussy underneath her cotton, childishly-designed panties. Her phone was pressed hard against her ear as his words poured into her head like a liquid.

“Hello little girl. You’re looking particularly adorable today. Your little outfit is just so colorful…those colorful clothes sure make you happy, don’t they? Happier than going to all of those classes, I’m sure. Sometimes you need a break, don’t you? Sometimes you just need to gather your friends together and nap in bed, don’t you? Napping makes you feel good, doesn’t it? Napping in your playful, colorful clothes makes you feel very good. You need nap time a lot more than you need study time. If you don’t feel good, than what’s the point, right? If you’re not feeling warm and wet and happy and delightfully stupid, then you’re not enjoying yourself. Give yourself some pleasure, little girl. Reach down and give yourself what you need. Make yourself happy. Right. Now.”