She was getting ready for her dinner with the new guy in accounting when she received a text message from him.

“Hey, do you have one of those chords that connects your phone to your tv? If so, you need to check out this video! It’s hilarious! ;)”

Without really understanding why, she stopped putting on her make up and walked over and plugged in her phone to the tv and clicked the link. It was a spiral that pulsed and occasionally changed colors. She didn’t think that it was that funny, but she kept watching just to make sure she wasn’t missing the joke.

There was a soft hum that was making her distracted from anything else. She started to get it, she thought. She smiled a little as she took off her dress. She was getting so wet… She started giggling to herself as she stripped naked and kept watching. She started rubbing her tits, and playing with herself making sure that her eyes never left the screen. After what must’ve been hours of this, she heard a knock at the door. She didn’t stop watching as her date walked in through the door.

He just walked over and lifted her by the shoulders, so she was sitting up and walked over around her, and began massaging her shoulders as she continued to play with herself. He then began to whisper things to her.

“Good girl… Yes, just like that… It feels good to just let go and watch, doesn’t it…? Oh, yes baby girl, you’re going to make a nice addition….”

Over and over again. His words were making her so horny. She did exactly as he said, just giggling to herself. Until he stopped. It didn’t even occur to her until he put a finger on her chin to turn her head that he had stopped. In front of her eyes, he was stroking his rigid cock with his other hand. And in an instant, she stopped giggling. Her jaw went slack. Drool fell slowly down her mouth.

She sank to her knees slowly to take his cock into her needing mouth, as the programming took full effect, and she accepted her new life as a slave.