The most insidious thing about pleasure is the way it twists your mind. It warps your will and your priorities in a way that ordinary persuasion cannot, bending your thoughts until hypnosis isn’t even needed anymore. With enough pleasure, you will brainwash yourself. If you need an example, look no further than Ashley, here. She isn’t naked and kneeling for her Master, she doesn’t even think she’s being programmed…but the look in her eyes gives it all away.

She knows she’s been hypnotized, of course. She agreed to it willingly, certain that she was stubborn enough to retain her forceful personality even in the face of what Paul warned her was “inexorable, irresistible control.” She figured she could take the parts she wanted and ignore everything else, and Paul even agreed with her. More than that, he included it as a suggestion the first time he put her into trance. It was only in hindsight that she realized just how easily he acceded.

He put in a very simple, very powerful suggestion. He told her that the ring he used as his hypnotic focus, that first time, would always retain a connection to her mind and body. Whenever he touched it, she would feel the sensation as pleasure all over. Ashley readily accepted that one–who wouldn’t? She liked Paul and she liked feeling good. It seemed harmless.

And felt wonderful. She squirmed in helpless bliss as Paul explained to her that her unconscious mind was always willing to accept suggestions that made her feel good, and that the more he reinforced it, the more powerful it would become. She nodded along, panting with arousal as she watched him rub and stroke the smooth surface of the gemstone, not even noticing that she’d slipped right back into a state of uncritical acceptance. And of course, she was happy to cum for him.

And now, here she is, staring at his ring with a lost expression in her glassy eyes. She’s long ago given in and started calling him Master, she’s long ago accepted his suggestions to freeze in place and watch his fingers stroke her into ecstasy with the ring. She feels good obeying him, she feels drowsy and dreamily happy staring and sinking, and she thinks less every time about the commands she’s been given. But that’s not what makes the pleasure so insidious.

What makes the pleasure so insidious is the reason she’s still clothed. Paul told her that the less she wore, the better she would feel…and then he froze her in place and told her she would have to beg permission to undress for him. Ashley doesn’t think she’s been programmed. She’s convinced that she has all the free will she always had. And when she gasps helplessly, “Please, Master, please let me take my clothes off for you, please let me be naked and kneeling and obedient for you, PLEASE…” She’s certain that it’s all her own idea.

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