“You’re doing it again.”

Melody looked down, her face a picture of adorable confusion. “Um, sorry,” she said. “I really swear I don’t mean to! I just got, um, distracted for a moment by the way Grace was licking my nipples and the next thing I know my hand is on your cock! I’m really trying to concentrate, honest I am!” She opened her eyes wide, trying to project a clear image of attentiveness and intellectual curiosity. She would hate for Gino to think of her as some sort of silly ditz who couldn’t keep her mind off of sex for even a minute or something.

“You haven’t stopped.” Gino seemed more amused than upset, like he was chuckling to himself over some private joke. “You’re just stroking my cock while you tell me that you’re going to stop stroking my cock.” Melody looked down again, realizing her eyes had simply drifted away from her hand to stare up into Gino’s gaze without any conscious effort on her part. With careful deliberation, Melody uncurled her fingers and put her hand on her hip.

“Um. Right. Thank you,” she said, acutely conscious of Grace leaning back with the same sheepish expression on her face. “So, yes, we were…um, we were talking about classes. Because Grace and I, we’re both in college. We’re studying to be, um…to be…” She couldn’t help noticing Gino’s cock out of the corner of her eye, swaying ever so slightly back and forth in an almost hypnotic rhythm. It reminded her of something, and she almost allowed herself to be distracted trying to figure out what, but she pulled her mind back on topic. She wanted to impress Gino with her intelligence. Her commitment to studious, witty conversation. Her–

“You’re doing it again. Both of you, actually.” Melody looked down at her hand, realizing that it was tangled in Grace’s hair and pulling her friend closer into her breast. Then she looked at her other hand, which had somehow snuck away from her hip to stroke endlessly up and down Gino’s cock. “I’m sorry, you’re clearly very distracted. Do you need a good fuck to clear your minds?”

“Wha, I, um, no!” Melody pulled her hand away again, trying to find a place to put it that wouldn’t allow it to wander. She wound up cupping it behind Grace’s head, pressing the other woman even tighter into her cleavage. “No, that’s not necessary. I assure you, we are both of us paying full attention to you and to this conversation. We’re not some bubbly, empty-headed, um… mindless… silly…” She realized she was losing track of the thread of her sentence in all the adjectives she was piling on, but Grace’s tongue was really starting to get to her. She looked down at her friend, noticing the blank and sleepy expression on Grace’s face. It seemed oddly familiar. “Um… dizzy… foggy… horny… um… drowsy…”

Gino smiled. “You’re playing with my cock again,” he said, his eyes warm and welcoming. “Would you like to fuck it now?”

“Uh huh,” Melody responded. She couldn’t think of anything else to say.

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