On being made dumb

Why do I like the concept of being a Bimbo? Of intelligence play? Of being made dumb?

It’s because my brain is always full. I’m always worrying if Master truly loves me. Am I enough? Am I making good choices? Do people actually like me? How can I live in a country like this with this current political climate? Where else could I even imagine going? Ahhhhhhhhhhhh

It’s the smart people that want to be made dumb. It’s an escape. It’s a certain form of freedom being able to exist in the moment. No mental consequences. No worrying. No anxiety. Just being alive and free.

Using hypnosis to achieve this state is almost magical. Your brain finds the pathways with some initial hypnotist prompting and then you carve your intent into your trance. You create and form the pathway into a Bimbo state, just like repeated experiences with trance itself make it easier and easier to get into a trance in the future. Becoming a Bimbo becomes an escape from reality, and your own mind.

So, yeah, I like being made dumb. I could use an escape right about now anyways…

Excellently said