why do wizards and mages and shit in stuff always have to use a fucking stick or staff to do magic. what’s so special about a gotdamn tree bone

there’s a huge occult explanation for that but long story short: if you miscast do you want a stick to explode or your hand?

also good for hitting people


dramatic flair

And here we see, in order of appearance:

Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor

This started pretty alright, but got much better at the end there. 😛 

Look, there are five basic elements of magic: pointy, wood, shiny, stick, and old.

Pyramids? Vampires? Pointy and old.

Crystals? Pointy and shiny.

Magic swords? Pointy shiny sticks, often old.

Magic forests? Trees are old and wood.

So you take one of those trees and carve a pointy stick, then you jam a crystal or an orb into the non-pointy end to be all shiny, and boom. That’s all five right there.