Reblog if you are 100% okay with a transgender person correcting you if you accidentally misgender them or use their dead name.



Lmao I’m a forgetful person so please do

I’m also okay with a cidgender person correcting other people and myself about my pronouns. Because, I shit you not, I sometimes misgender myself.

Yes, same! As long as they do it respectfully and don’t try to “correct” me to the wrong pronouns/name, of course.

Last night I was fantasizing about domming someone–for te first time since I realized I was trans, interestingly–and in the fantasy I imagined her calling me “Master” a couple of times. And it was gross and weird and threw me out of it, I had to remind myself “Mistress,” I’m “Mistress”!

…so then I imagined myself applying the Spiral of Loving Correction to her, and got back into it, lol.