Standing outside the door to her room, Ashley fumbled around in her jacket pocket for her keys. Nothing. She patted her pockets and became a bit more flustered as she still didn’t find them. She could swear she had remembered them when she went to lectures this morning. So where were her goddamn keys? Desperate, she tried turning the door handle.

It was unlocked. As she pushed the door open and walked into her room she wondered how she had forgotten her keys and left her room unlocked like that. It was so unlike her, she always remembered to lock her room ever since that creep Josh began hitting on her in the first week of term. He was just not her type. He was the kind of guy who stayed up all night partying whilst Ashley was trying to study. Then he would come over at 2am drunk and knock on her door like some kind of unwanted booty-call.

She was so distracted thinking about how annoying Josh was that as she took of her jacket and threw it on the bed she didn’t even notice him standing right next to her bed, a look of confidence and lust on his face.

“W-what the fuck! Josh?!? What are you doing in my room? Get the fuck out you loser. Are you trying to make me slap you? How did you even….oh my god you stole my keys!”

Josh just smiled and nodded. He didn’t leave, he just patiently listened as Ashley yelled and ranted angrily.

“I’ve put up with so much shit from you and now this! I’m going to tell someone about this. Theft, trespassing…I could go to the police about something like that.”

Calmly, Josh walked over to the fuming Ashley and leaned towards her ear. She pulled away but he persisted, leaning forward and grabbing her head firmly to hold her in place. Ashley started to panic, struggling against him but he shushed her and with an authoritative tone of voice he spoke into her ear.

“You’re not going to do that Ashley.”

Ashley froze. She was terrified. Josh never acted this way. He was a massive perv but there was no way he would do something this bold unless he absolutely thought whatever deluded plan he had was going to work. Just listening to how commanding and sure his words were made it hard to argue. She breathed heavily as he continued to whisper into her ear.

“You know Ashley, everyone has a phrase.”

His breath was hot on her ear. It kind of tickled as it hit her earlobe. Her eyes widened and she responded nervously, lips quivering. “A word?”

“Yes. One phrase that they shouldn’t hear. One phrase with power over them that they never even realised. One phrase that, even when whispered gently into their ear by someone they hate, will cause them to fall to their knees and submit.”

Ashley shivered. There was no way. What he was saying was nonsense. No phrase could have that kind of power over someone…could it? She wanted to run or fight or just…do something! Still she remained frozen in fear, only able to listen intently to Josh’s every word. Feel that sinister tone run through her as his words dripped with lust and excitement. He believed it. He really did.

“You don’t believe me Ashley, do you? But here’s a secret which might make you wonder…” He paused and grinned, caressing her cheek softly in a way that made Ashley feel queasy. “I know yours!”

She gasped. Sweat beaded down her brow as her mind reeled. That’s…that’s just bullshit. He’s just messing with her. There’s no phrase. No secret phrase that can take away her free will. No word he can say that could make her do anything other than punch him in the balls and call the cops. No such phrase.

“Do you want to hear it?”

Ashley shook her head slowly, biting her lip and struggling not to sob. Even though it sounded so stupid, she was scared. The thought of him stealing her will with his words…of her dropping to her knees and surrendering to his every perverted, disgusting command…it was just horrible. She couldn’t bare to risk even the tiniest chance of that happening.

“Oh sweet naive Ashley. You think I actually care? I know your phrase. I already control you, all I have to do for you to understand that is say it.”

Ashley tried to back away but before she could the warm gust of breath hit her ear. A few words that seemed to hit her ear canal and get stuck. They bounced around in there, not quite reaching her brain.

“Ashley mind goes pop!”

That was all he said and watched as Ashley swayed and her eyes rolled around in her head. Her legs wobbled and her hands started wandering her body as her jaw gaped wider and wider. Soon she was moaning and thrusting her hips forward, humping thin air desperately as something almost like an orgasm washed over her. Not quite the same…more intense in fact. So intense that sent pulses through her brain. Pulses that altered her, just slightly. Breaking all those little parts of her that wanted to disobey. All those little thoughts and ideas of resisting, running, fighting, or arguing were just suddenly wiped from her mind. There was nothing she could do, before she even realised it was happening her pussy was leaking and her mind was spinning.

In a few seconds, Ashley was falling to her knees in front of Josh. Her legs just gave up and she collapsed in front of him, broken. She looked up to Josh, mind still fuzzy and body still humming with orgasmic pleasure, and stared at his grinning face. Inside, she remembered how disgusted she had been just a few moments ago. How scared and how angry and how devastated she felt when that phrase hit her…when it wiped out all her resistance in one go. She could still feel the frustration towards Josh for what he did she just wasn’t sure what to do with it. All she could think to do was wait for Josh to tell her something.

“Suck my dick!”

Suck his dick. Immediately she grabbed the waistband of his shorts and pulled out his cock. She still didn’t like Josh. She still though he was a loser and she didn’t want to touch him but the only thing she could think to do was suck his dick. Any thought other than that was just…well…she wasn’t sure there were thoughts other than that. Was there something she could do other than suck his dick? She pondered it as her lips wrapped around the rapidly growing head and she pushed her head onto his cock obediently.

No. Josh hadn’t said anything else so all she could do was suck his cock. It was silly to even try to think really, when Josh would give her orders. The part of her that hated Josh, the part that found his sucking his dick degrading and embarrassing and filthy was still there. It was going mad inside her but there was nothing she could do about it. All she could do was push her head slowly up and down as she took the long shaft down her throat and rolled her tongue around it. Up and down on his dick. Suck His dick. Up and down. The thought just ran through her head over and over, she couldn’t remove it.

“Oh right, you still think I’m a loser right? Hmm…oh I know. This will be fun. You still hate me, but also you’re incredibly attracted to me. This is your biggest fantasy now, sucking my dick. It makes you hornier than you’ve ever been before even being near it.”

Suddenly Ashley realised just how amazing this was. She hated Josh, she knew he did this to her. Knew he had just changed her very personality to suit his desires…still she was so fucking turned on! His dick was actually inside her throat. She shivered with joy as she savoured the salty taste. Mmmm she loved his cock. Her hips were wriggling and she was smiling with a mouthful of cock. Her efforts to please him increased as she became more and more excited. This was his dick! Just the idea of that was making her go crazy!

More and more she sucked and slurped and her little panties were soaking wet as she surged with arousal. Every time she breathed in his scent filled her nostrils and she felt lightheaded. Every tiny twitch or pulse of his hot cock filled her with unrivalled passion and made her thighs even slicker. She didn’t care how much she hated Josh, she loved his cock!

As she swallowed his cock so eagerly he quickly drew closer and closer. She could tell by the way his cock was swelling and bulging and leaking precum on her tongue. It didn’t take long before it exploded. Ashley made sure to keep her lips firmly wrapped around his cock and let it fill her mouth with hot, creamy cum until it started leaking out of the sides of her mouth and dribbling down her chin.

As he pulled his cock out of her mouth she was revelling in the taste, scent and feel of his wonderful cum. For such a jerk, he sure was fucking hot. She felt like her pussy was burning with arousal now and she loved the cum clinging to the sides of her mouth but she hesitated.

Josh looked down at her, cum slowly sliding past her lips as she failed to keep the massive load inside and knew he was going to have plenty of fun with her.

“Slide your fingers into your mouth, get them nice and sticky. Then pull them out, don’t lose a drop of cum. I want you to dig those fingers into your cunt and rub that clit.”

Ashley did as she was told. Of course she did, Josh told her to! She slid two fingers into her mouth slowly and felt the warm sperm coating them until they were completely sticky with cum. Then she withdrew them, tendrils of semen clinging to them as they left her glistening lips. She pushed them down into her panties and felt sparks of pleasure fly from her pussy as they touched her tender labia. She pressed them into herself deeper and deeper, cum and pussy juice mixing as she found her clit and with a gasp began rubbing it with abandon. Some cum spelled form her mouth as she did so but she clasped her other hand around her face, catching it and holding it inside.

“Mmm. When I count to three you will cum and swallow my load. It will be so intense that you question whether you still hate me.”

Ashley was already dazed and too horny to really think, but still Josh’s word became her absolute commands as they entered her mind and buried themselves in there, deep rooted and impossible to ignore.

“One, two, three.”

Gulp. Sticky cum slid down her throat and she burst into spasms and moans as her orgasm hit her. Fingers pressed to her clit so hard, hips shaking like mad and her entire being seemed to melt into a pile on the floor as she nearly blacked out from the pleasure. As it took her she wondered about Josh. If she could cum this hard from him maybe she was wrong. Maybe she didn’t hate him anymore. She guessed she would have to wait for him to tell her whether she did or not.

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