Boys can’t be babysitters…


I was on my way to start my babysitting job at the Jones household, when out of a doorway stepped Travis, the school bully.  “Woah, where do you think you are going nerd?” he asked aggressively, putting his hand out and shoving my chest hard to push me back.

“Oh shit, Travis,” I gulped looking around for help and realising I was all alone, “please man, I’m gonna be late for my job.”

“Hah, you call that a job. You’re an embarrassment to men, everyone knows that boys can’t be babysitters.  Babysitters should be hot, sexy little sluts like my girlfriend Shauna… not boys like you.”

“Look Travis, I don’t want any trouble.  I’m sorry you don’t agree with it, but I’m good with kids and I do a good job as a babysitter.  Gender shouldn’t determine what jobs you can and can’t do…”

“You’re an argumentative little fuck aren’t you?  Just like my Shauna was before I found this…” laughed Travis pulling a bottle of perfume out of his bag.  “Did you know she used to be a good little girl before I turned her into a vain, gossiping, popular little slut using this evil magic perfume?”

“Travis, I don’t know what you are talking about…” I gulped feeling really scared now.

“You soon will.  I’m sick of seeing you and your pathetic life… I think it’s time to make you a little different.  One spray of this and you’ll become as you should be… a naughty little babysitting bitch.  Five or six sprays should make you really nasty and make the effects permanent.  Don’t worry, no one except me will even remember the old you, you can thank me later with a blowjob or something.”  Laughing he sprayed me five or six times with the sweet smelling scent and then walked away.

“See you later loser, enjoy your new life!  Like I said, look me up later when you’re feeling really horny…”

I coughed and spluttered, gasping as my body burned and my head span.  Desperately I tried to stagger along the street but everything seemed to ache and my head was spinning so badly I could barely walk.  My clothing felt funny and my face was burning.  I couldn’t process what was happening to me.

I reached the Jones house and rang the doorbell.  I was supposed to be meeting the older son Kyle to take the keys and get my instructions for the night.  I didn’t know what Travis had sprayed me with, but maybe Kyle could help.  The pain was starting to recede actually.

“Oh my God, Chloe… are you okay?” asked Kyle as he opened the door and saw me standing there.  I blinked in confusion as he led me inside, who the hell was Chloe?  Then it clicked.  I was Chloe.  Of course I was.  I was Chloe Campbell… I was eighteen, about to start college and I was something of a popular girl and a sexy minx.

“Oh, I’m fine babe, just a little woozy,” I giggled noticing my clothing had changed into a sexy dress, knee socks and boots.  It didn’t seem to concern me, and as I also now appeared to have long blonde hair and makeup on – it seemed to fit better.

“I’m glad you are here early,” he grinned.  “My parents already left for the restaurant and my little brother is glued to his xbox upstairs. He won’t hear a thing if you wanna have a little fun.”

“Boy, do I…” I giggled, reaching up on my tip-toes and kissing him.  I squeezed his cock with my free hand feeling my body start to warm up with lust.  “I’ve been dying for a good fuck all day.”

We made out, his tongue in my mouth as I purred warmly against him, squealing happily as his hands clenched my ass and I felt myself get hornier and hornier. Kyle was so fucking hot and the fact he was a few years older than me was such a turn on.  He was so much hotter than the boys at school, we had been fucking on and off since I first started babysitting here.  His dumb girlfriend was completely clueless about the whole thing.

“Fuck, you smell amazing.. is that a new perfume?” he asked as he kissed my neck.

“Yep, do you like it?  It makes me feel so feminine,” I giggled.  “You know the other thing that always makes me feel girly?  Sucking cock…”

Kyle groaned as I slid submissively to my knees before him and tugged down his pants.  I was pleased to see his big dick was already stiff, but I knew I could make it harder.  I loved sucking cock so much, I was so good at it and it made me feel so slutty.  I eagerly fastened my lips round his dick and looked up at him as I started to suck… pumping the base of his erection with my free hand.

“Fuck Chloe, you are sooooo good at that baby.”

“Shit Chloe, I wanna fuck you so bad,” groaned Kyle pulling my head off his dick.  

“I’m not wet enough yet,” I objected  and then squealed as he picked me up and bent me over the worktop.

“You soon will be.”

“Ohhhh fuck,” I gasped as Kyle ripped my panties to one side and began licking my clit, making my shaven pussy get wetter and wetter by the second.

“Ohhhhh Kyle, it feels so good, please put your cock in me!”

I felt so slutty and hot as Kyle pushed me over the bench and slid his big dick deep into my tight wet snatch.  He began fucking me with assured long strokes and I whined and moaned in pure joy as he gave me the hard fucking I had been longing for all day.

In the end we fucked for half an hour… then he left me full of his cum and feeling very satisfied.  I loved being a babysitter.  It was lucky for me that Kyle hadn’t been asked by his parents to stay in and look after his brother, but then again… everyone knows.  Boys can’t be babysitters, just us girls!