“You can’t look away,” he whispered, reaching up with a pair of scissors and carefully snipping her bra strap. He slid the article of clothing away from her body and tossed it onto a pile of shredded fabric. “The spiral consumes your thoughts. Absorbs your will. Drains away every last bit of your volition until all you are is my passive, obedient slave.”

“The spiral… consumes my thoughts,” she droned obediently. Her eyes gazed unblinkingly at the bare wall; he no longer needed to show her anything. After months of conditioning, she saw the swirling, spinning disc wherever he told her to. “Absorbs my will. Drains away… every last bit of my volition… until all I am is your obedient…” The last word slips out as a deeply aroused moan. “Slave.”

He reached out and caressed her breasts, watching her tremble helplessly under his touch. “You can’t move,” he said softly, his voice pouring into her mind like a shot of whiskey. “Your body obeys me perfectly, locked onto my will and my words. You belong to me, my sweet docile slave. My blank, mindless toy. My good girl.” Her nipples stiffened, and the fabric of her panties dampened. But she didn’t so much as twitch.

“I can’t move,” she said instead in a smooth, vacant monotone. Even the sound of her own voice sent her deeper into trance. “My body o-obeys you…” She gasped, the thoughtless repetition heightening her arousal. “Perfectly. Locked onto your will, and your words.” Anyone else would think her completely frozen, but he could see the tiny, desperate motions of her hips as her body strained into his touch. I belong to you. Your sweet, docile slave. Your blank, mindless toy. Your… good girl.“ The desire in her voice was audible now, and he smiled in anticipation.

“You need to be fucked, slave,” he purred in her ear, as his hand stroked her pussy through her wet panties. “You need my cock inside you, fucking away your resistance, your will, your mind. Pumping in and out, until you gush every last thought out of that pretty cunt of yours.” He knew she had no resistance left, knew she had never even wanted to resist. She had welcomed every one of his commands, embraced her descent into slavery. But they both loved the pretense that she still had willpower to remove.

Her breath quickened as she whispered, “I need to be fucked, Master.” The words were both acceptance and plea, obedience and an expression of desperate need. “I need your, your cock… inside me, f-f-fucking away my resistance. My will. My mmmmind…” She quivered at the cool touch of the scissors, cutting away her panties, leaving her naked. “Puh, puh, pumping… in and out, until I, I gush every last thought… out of that pretty cunt of mine…” Her legs spread wider, her slave self overriding the command to hold still with the deeper understanding that Master wanted her to open up to him now.

“Good girl,” he said, straddling her and sliding into her wet cunt. Then he kissed her, and his words stopped for a while.

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