It was automatic now. The moment Sandra saw cock, her eyes slowly went blank and her jaw gently went slack in blissful astonishment. The trance took her so swiftly and easily that she never quite noticed when the slow, dreamy relaxation of her mouth into a perfect ‘O’ shaded into excitement and arousal at the realization–so wonderfully new to her every single time–that she had made just the perfect facial expression to suck dick.

And every time, just as soon as she became aware of it, she had to do it. Within moments, she had that thick shaft in her mouth, sliding in and out between her lips and sending her deeper into hypnosis. The cocktrance was primal, placid; her mind regressed from complex thought to simple animal sucking so fast that her eyes barely had time to close. She stopped thinking completely, but the best part about it was that she didn’t need to think anymore. She didn’t need to say a word, she didn’t need to be anything other than delightfully passive and obedient while her talented tongue did everything for her. And when she swallowed one man’s load, there was another right there to accommodate her.

It took some work to set it all up, of course. Sandra took almost three months to admit to her Master that sucking cock was her favorite part of sex; it seemed absurd in retrospect that she’d been so shy about a kink that was practically mainstream, but she was blushing and squirming the day she told him she wanted to go into trance every time she gave him a blowjob. The first time it worked, though, she went deeper than she ever did before. “I couldn’t even talk!” she said excitedly, once she finally managed to remember how speech worked again.

They explored it more and more deeply as the weeks went on, Sandra finding with utter joy that there was no bottom to the depths her cocktrance found, but in the end Master always came. Even when time stopped having meaning, even when she lost herself in a slow and gentle tease of his body while he did everything he could to keep from climaxing, every person has limits to their resistance. And Sandra’s surrender was far too sexy to ignore. And so Sandra had her limits.

Until her idea. Until they went to a kink con together, arranging details of logistics and planning with almost a dozen men. Until she lay back on their hotel bed, her mouth a perfect ‘O’ as cock after cock filled her field of vision every time she opened her eyes, and gave in completely to the cocktrance. Any man who wanted, as many times as they had stamina, while Master kept a gentle and protective watch on her. Sandra sucked. Until nothing else mattered.

They finally took the last cock out of her mouth three hours later. It took Sandra almost as long to remember how to think again.

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