“So now wait, let me get this straight,” Maura said, looking at Jacob with skepticism written all over her face. “You’re telling me that you’re such an expert hypnotist that you could put me into a trance–”

“Have,” Jacob mumbled. He didn’t look like the ‘World’s Greatest Hypnotist’; he looked kind of shy, like he wasn’t quite able to even work up the nerve to stare at her tits so he just kept his eyes to the ground and swallowed every third word he said. “Um, have. Put you, um. Into a trance.” The way he kept his hands behind his back made him look so much like a nervous schoolboy in the principal’s office that Maura almost laughed.

But she was too busy being annoyed. “Right, of course. The trance that I don’t even remember because you’re such a slick hypnotist that just looking into your eyes and hearing your voice blanked my mind and memory completely. And convinced me that whatever suggestions you gave me are completely normal and ordinary and every bit my own idea, right?” Maura rolled her eyes, As pick-up lines went, it was at least original, but was she actually supposed to believe all that?

“Well, um…” Again Jacob’s voice dipped halfway into a whisper, as though he was out-and-out trying not to make his voice heard. Maura shivered slightly as she realized that whether or not she believed what he was saying, he definitely did. He really thought that if he spoke to her at a normal conversational level, or looked her right in the eye, or even just held out his hand as a hypnotic focus that she would go blank and mindless staring at it. “Yes,” he muttered. “That’s, um. Yes. Exactly.”

“Then why didn’t you just hypnotize me to believe you?” she said triumphantly. “I mean, you keep saying you can make me do and say and think anything, you claim that you’re the reason I took my shirt and bra off and gave them to you when it was clearly all my own idea, so why didn’t you just say, ‘When you wake, you’re going to know that I have complete hypnotic power over you,’ huh?” It felt astonishingly good to find the loophole in his nonsense logic, and Maura couldn’t help running her fingers over her nipples as a wave of pleasure swept through her.

“Well, because…” Jacob stopped for a moment, his lips trembling as he tried to come up with an explanation. “Because it’s so much more fun to play with you like this.” Maura sighed. Of course he would find some way to rationalize it. “I mean, it’s not like you can do anything to stop me–I’ve already told your subconscious not to try to escape or resist. I can play with you for hours, stripping you naked one item of clothing at a time and commanding you to become more and more aroused and submissive until you’re kneeling and obeying my every command, the whole time convinced it’s your own idea. Until you’re literally begging me to enslave you.” Maura noticed that his voice was deepening, becoming more confident and stronger, but somehow she couldn’t connect that fact with anything else. It seemed like too much effort to think about it now. It seemed like too much effort to think about anything now.

Jacob took one of his hands behind his back, middle finger pressed to thumb. The moment she saw it, Maura couldn’t look at anything else. “Sleep, Maura,” he said, snapping his fingers. With a sigh, hands still caressing her own breasts, Maura sank back into trance once more.

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