Titans Together, Part 6

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Raven staggered, sticky, flushed, bedraggled, and naked,
into her bedroom.

Her actual bedroom, this time.

She crawled onto the bed and took some deep breaths. Wave
after wave of horniness, marathon multiple-orgasm sex with four different
people, they’d all taken their toll, and she was exhausted. But she had to take
care of this. Her emotions were careening wildly out of control, and that made
her a danger to everyone–without her usual tight emotional control, her magic
could do practically anything–spawn monsters from her fears, create
explosions from her anger, and she didn’t even want to think about what her
magic might do to the people around her if uncontrolled arousal set it off.

She needed to find her balance again, and clearly meditation
alone hadn’t worked. She needed help, magical help–fortunately, she had the
tool for the job.

Painfully, exhaustion dragging at her, she rolled over and
sat up into the lotus position. She closed her eyes, concentrated, and began to
float up from the bed. At the same time, a hand mirror sitting on a shelf–the
same one Beast Boy had inadvertently stumbled into that morning, unbeknownst to
her–floated over to her.

She opened her eyes, gazed into it, and began to chant.

on arriving in her mindscape, Raven could see the place had changed. The barren
environment of floating rocks drifting in a dark void was still there, behind
the new things, if she squinted–but it was almost completely overwritten now
by something involving lots of soft, pillowy surfaces and soft, indirect

But that was nothing compared
to what she found in front of herself: herself, three identical times.

“What is this?” she
asked. “Where are your clothes? You’re emotions, you should be wrapped in
your emotional colors!”

The one on the far right
giggled. “We are emotions, silly!” She stuck out her tongue.

“Your emotions, to be
precise,” said the one in the middle.

“But we’re free
now, not all wrapped up in your robes, free to indulge ourselves!”
anounced the one on the left.

“I don’t
understand,” said Raven. “How could this happen? Which emotions are
you? How can three different emotions manifest as the same? That’s exactly what
the mirror’s supposed to take care of!”

A voice from behind her
laughed, a low, throaty chuckle, but recognizably her own voice. “Because
they aren’t three separate emotions anymore. They were Appetite, Intellect,
and Happiness… but now they’re Desire, Curiosity, and Pleasure–and all three
are a part of me.”

Raven whirled to face the new

“Lust,” she said.
“That explains a lot. But why is your purple so dark? Why have you been
absorbing the other emotions?”

Lust’s smile was slow, at
once sensual and mocking. “Those questions answer each other,” she
said. “The more I absorb, the closer I come to being your core self, and
the closer my color becomes to yours.”

“You–you want to replace
me? I’ll never allow that!” Raven prepared herself to fight… but then
felt warm softness against her back, her sides, as the other three emoticlones all
tried to embrace her at once.

“Stop that,” she
said firmly. “I’m you’re core self, your true self, you must do as I
say.” And that was true, she knew. That was part of the magic of the
mirror, what made it such a powerful tool for balancing herself. As long as she
used it properly, she couldn’t lose!

Pleasure giggled and stroked
a finger down Raven’s spine. She gasped and shivered as near-orgasmic bliss
exploded through her.

“Careful,” said
Lust. “Confidence, excitement, and of course happiness–they all make
Pleasure stronger.”

Okay, thought Raven. Have to keep control and think
this through. I know they have to do as I say so long as I keep myself
centered. Is it even possible for Lust to absorb my core self? Possibly, if…

Soft lips met hers, and a tongue slipped into her mouth. Lips and tongue both
knew exactly what she wanted, exactly what she liked, and she couldn’t help but
wonder just how good fucking herself–truly fucking herself, not just
masturbating–would be.

“Ah-ah,” chided
Lust, lounging as she watched. “Analyzing, cerebrating, strategizing,
anything intellectual makes Curiosity that much more powerful.”

Raven floundered as Pleasure
continued to evoke mini-orgasms with every stroke of her hand and Curiosity
stroked and touched and teased in ways that made her need to know what
more would feel like. But there had to be a way out. She needed to get free,
needed to escape, needed to get her head straight–

She moaned as the third
emoticlone ran its hands over her as well, bringing not pleasure or hints and
promises of more, but sheer desperate want. It was like a chasm opening
up inside her, an emptiness that screamed to be filled.

“Ooh,” said Lust,
“I see you’ve noticed that need, want, anything you have an appetite for,
even escape–that all just feeds Desire.”

Raven groaned. It felt so
good, and she wanted more, and she could barely imagine what it would be like,
and Lust could give her all of those things–

“No!” she shouted.
She raised her arms and a blast of energy flung the emoticlones away from her,
all but Lust, who continued to lounge and smirk.

“I don’t care if I have to
rip you out with my bare hands, I am not letting you control my feelings
any longer!” she shouted.

“Temper, temper,”
Lust replied, wagging a finger. “You should know better than to let that
loose in here.”

Something struck Raven,
something hard, fast, and snarling. It bore her down to the ground and then
crouched over her, grinning savagely.

(Image by FuShark on Hentai

“Meet Passion,”
said Lust. “You used to know her as Rage, before–well, you can guess by

Passion flung herself at
Raven, kissing her mouth, her face, her neck, tearing at her clothes. Passion
stroked her, teased her, bit her, licked and sucked and fingered, and under her
onslaught Raven couldn’t do anything but enjoy.

And then something shifted.
The one caressing and teasing Raven was still just as energetic and relentless
as Passion, but now her touch was as arousing as Desire’s, as alluring as
Curiosity’s, as intense as Pleasure’s. Raven opened her eyes to see that
Passion had become Lust, because of course Passion was Lust, and Lust
was Desire and Curiosity and Pleasure, too…

(Image by HAHAboobies on Hentai Haven)

“Please,” Raven whimpered, begging for release but
unsure whether that meant being let go or being allowed to cum. There was a
two-headed dildo here, and that was wrong because only her core self should be
able to manifest objects here, but of course Lust could make a sex toy
appear, and now she was finding out what it was like to fuck herself and it was
terrible and wonderful and wrong and oh so good…

“Cum,” whispered Lust, grinning. Already her
purples were darker than Raven’s, closer to black, closer to the color of Raven
than Lust, while what was left of the core Raven’s clothes grew lighter, more
Lust-like as she surrendered to it.

“Cum,” Lust repeated. “Just let go and cum.
Surrender, and we will have more fun every day than you have had your entire
life. Surrender, and have the best orgasm of our life–the first of so

Raven groaned. She could feel it building inside her, and
knew what it meant. The moment she came, Lust would absorb her, take over her
core self–and then the stray emotions still in here wouldn’t matter, because Raven–the
full Raven, the totality of Raven–would be a creature of Lust. And that
sounded so good, so tempting, but she had to fight it, had to, even while she
felt herself getting tighter and closer like a winding spring and–

She screamed as she came, a scream of absolute unsurpassed
bliss that echoed throughout her mindscape.

And then there was only Lust.

Raven opened her eyes and grinned. She summoned her clothes
to herself, with a few key alterations, and then looked at the result in the
mirror. Yes… this would do. This would do nicely…

(To be concluded…)