Wednesday: I love Carly, I really do, but she posts some weird stuff on her Tumblr. Like these animated BDSM porn GIFs that flicker oddly. I guess Carly has hidden depths.

Saturday: I should be careful about scrolling through my Tumblr dashboard. I was hanging out at the Coffee Pig today, and was looking at my dash, and then I saw one of those porn GIFs Carly reblogs. It was so embarrassing. This girl was going down on some guy, and her eyes were rolled up like she had lost her mind. And the image kept flickering, and words were showing up. I couldn’t really read them, they went by too fast. And then I remembered where I was, and quickly scrolled down to the next post. I wonder if anyone noticed. I hope not.

Sunday: I keep thinking about that animation that Carly posted, the one that I had to scroll past in the café yesterday. I went back to her Tumblr and found it again.

I think I’m beginning to see what Carly thinks is so hot. That girl’s face … it’s like she’s in Nirvana. I mean, I admit it can be fun to suck a guy’s cock, once in a while, maybe, but she looked like it was the Holy Grail for her. I wonder what that’s like.

I watched that GIF loop over and over again for a long time. I’ve figured out some of the words that flash: Cock goes in, mind goes out. I wonder what that really means.

Tuesday: I’m such a naughty girl. I’ve started following SurrendertotheSlutTrainer, the person who posts those naughty GIFs that Carly keeps reblogging. It gives me such a thrill when I see one of those pictures on my dashboard. Now I’ll see more of them!

Wednesday: Oh, my God, SurrendertotheSlutTrainer doesn’t just post GIFs. He (I think it’s a he) posts soundfiles, and videos, and scripts. Some of them aren’t porn at all, because they aren’t about fucking and sucking but they are about going blank and surrendering and being mindless.

I listened to a soundfile about going blank. It started with a throbbing hum, and he started speaking. It said it was ten minutes long, but I thought it lasted only a couple of minutes.

Friday: I’ve started going back through SurrendertotheSlutTrainer’s archive and playing everything I can find through my headphones.

I’ve started reblogging the best of his GIFs, the ones that make me stop and stare and play with myself.

Saturday: Tumblr is completely different now for me. It used to be for keeping up with my friends. I still keep up with them, but now it’s for finding and reblogging SurrendertotheSlutTrainer’s GIFs. And soundfiles and videos. And masturbating. Edging, actually. I’ve never done it before, but I’m learning how.

Monday: I made it through work. Now I can come home and edge, like a good girl. Good girls edge for Master. Good girls get close, but they don’t come. Cock goes in, mind goes out. Good girls go blank and mindless.

Tuesday: Good girls go blank and mindless. Good girls edge for Master.

Wednesday: Good girls go blank and mindless. Good girls edge for Master.

Thursday: Good girls go blank and mindless. Good girls edge for Master.

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damn that’s good!


this is very good omg.

good girls go blank and mindless

Good girls go blank and mindless.


Good girls go blank and mindless…

im agood igrlogodi gls obey iobey i nede toobey i go blakn and minudless iobey

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