Hailee never can quite remember the latter half of her training sessions with her new instructor. She remembers the light, and how it makes her feel like there’s a new, exciting challenge on the horizon, and there’s still so much to learn. 

Hailee often finds herself losing track of hours, sometimes even days, but it doesn’t matter. Every time she does, she emerges from the blank period feeling wonderful, refreshed, sated – and even more confident that her training is going wonderfully. She’s learning so much, feeling so good, and her instructor is simply the best.

Sometimes, Hailee has visions – brief flashes of what seems like a totally different life. Her instructor appears in a lot of these visions. He’s powerful, commanding, and more often than not, she’s nude, on her knees, with his seed plastered over her face, hair, lips and chest.

But those visions are just strange fantasies. Her instructor explained that quite clearly, after….after…h-had she voiced doubts about her training regime in their last session together? Hailee barely remembered. She hoped she hadn’t. No, it was vitally important that she kept up with the training, kept their relationship alive, kept paying him, kept forgetting all those silly little thoughts of resistance to his will, and kept becoming his very, very good girl…

Memory play and a slow internal surrender – both things very close to my… well, not heart, exactly.