It was like that when she got here. That’s what Leanne kept telling herself. 

At first, it had been easy to ignore. Obviously the flat’s previous occupier had left one or two possessions behind, when moving out. It was slightly strange to have left the stereo on, though. Especially on a channel which seemed to be nothing but white noise and static. Leanne made a mental note to get in touch with the owner, and return it.

But, rather than fiddle with a system of buttons and dials that was quickly becoming harder and harder to comprehend, Leanne thought it best to leave it alone. She’d finish tidying later.

Firstly, she had much more important things to do. Like dressing real sexy for the landlord, and waiting for him to come down and collect her first rental payment. 

Maybe he knew something about the stereo, Leanne mused. Not that it mattered any more. She was so horny, she couldn’t think straight. But that was fine. After all, she was like this when she got here, wasn’t she?

One from my archives, it’s the underrated Leanne Rimes.