I promise this isn’t targeted at anyone, not at all, but when it comes to things like hypnosis audios and scripts, I do wish there was more inclusive content out there. It sometimes doesn’t take a lot to make those kinds of things really really inclusive. Things like:

>Using gender neutral language for the subject/submissive
>Using gender neutral language for the hypnotist/dominant
>Not making explicit, specific references to particular genitals

Obviously I’m not saying everyone needs to do this all the time, but I feel like a bit more of this sometimes would really enable lots more people to appreciate some of the hypnosis content out there, and isn’t that only a good thing?

I absolutely agree. It’s the most frustrating thing to deal with files that call me a “good girl” and then have the rest of the session refer to my nonexistent vagina.

Yes, exactly. I’m in the same boat on that one. Obviously I’m not saying never talk about genitals, but equally I feel like there are lots of ways to talk about arousal and sex and masturbation that don’t involve talking about cocks and vaginas. So in a lot of ways it wouldn’t be that hard to make content that’s more ‘neutral.’

Obviously I’d love to see content specifically for women with penises too (that’s not sissy content), but I don’t hold out much hope for that at this point

I will mention again that all of my inductions are gender neutral both for hypnotist and subject.