“Lemma the Librarian – Tricks of the Trade”, take two




Published: November 19, 2016


Fine, fine.

This is, obviously, the weirdest Lemma story, and not by a small margin. @midorikonton had writers block, so wrote a story where Lemma gets frozen in a “writers block”, and then a Midori Konton persona character comes out and they bicker. (The fact that once the meta picks up, Lemma “breaks character” is probably the best part of this very strange setpiece.)

The rest of it is more standard, although the weirdness never really goes away. Munnann’s fucking with Lemma’s head and Iason managing to tank it out rather longer uses some clever bits of wordplay (and a good indication of why Lemma needs Iason – sidekick indeed). From there, it’s straightforward: mind control, sex, a villain with a book, victory, Lemma and Iason fleeing into the night and vowing never to return (understandably).

There are, actually, two things in this that are important later on. First up, the idea of a transference spell, which will be moderately important later. Second, Iason, inhibitions stripped away and given Lemma’s leash, doesn’t do anything*. This helps cool down the progress of their relationship after the, you know, getting it on last time. They’ll stay just friends for a while longer.

But still, a very strange story. It’s a card you can really only ever play once, and fortunately, @midorikonton doesn’t try to again.

*It’s possible Munnann just lied about who was losing their inhibitions – “unchained” Iason doesn’t do much out of character, and Munnann is, after all, a trickster**. But it seems unlikely that Iason would lie about it to Lemma at the end.

**He’s really kinda a mythological mishmash – in this series? You don’t say! – but it struck me while thinking about him, that I don’t know what it would be like or even be about, but I very much want there to be a book titled “Coyote and the Fisher King”.

When The Fuck Are We? 🤷

February 2018?


Next time: Scottish con artists, a pokémon trainer, and Christianity makes another attempt to sneak into the series. For real, this time.

Holy shit Rhoda is totally a fucking Pokemon trainer, isn’t she?

Iason’s actions make sense to me, but I want to see where you end up with them by the end of the series before I comment on that.

Berith is a goddamn zubat