What about Margot Robbie? Also, I just wanted to thank you for all the quality stuff you make :)


It’s clear Margot likes the finer things in life. So, for her, the mindfuck will not be subtle. Posing as a member of staff at the hotel she’d be staying at, I’d break into her room, using my trusty brainwashing flashlight to consume her mind, Margot’s protests dying on her lips, as her thoughts simply cease, and her pussy spasms under the sheer weight of my control. Simple, effective, and perfect for becoming my brainless puppet…

Thank you, again, anonymous (I don’t know if you’re the same one who asked about Black Widow). And thank you for the kind words! Feel free to get in touch to tell me exactly which of my works turns you on.. 😉

Send me the name of a fictional character (or celebrity) and I’ll tell you how I’d mindfuck them.