Selena wandered through Master’s walk-in wardrobe, letting the fabric of his suits brush against her bare shoulder. She remembered the first time she’d done this walk – how unsure, and dazed, she’d been, after hours spent in his brainwashing room. She remembered her life before Him, as a famous actress and pop star – it felt like a lifetime ago.

Selena smiled to herself as she reached the end of the corridor, and passed through the threshold, into His bedroom. He was waiting there, for her, keeping himself busy by stroking the tits of one of her former Hollywood friends, one of several she’d betrayed the trust of, under His perfect instruction.

Selena strode confidently towards the bed, before crawling onto it, and taking her place in His arms, kissing Him and unclasping her bra. She loved being his devoted sex pet, and she hoped nothing would ever change that.