“Oh wow, it works… it really works,” giggled Lauren delightedly as she finished making the final adjustments to her Anna costume. “I look just like her, I’m beautiful and I feel like a princess,” she giggled feeling so amazing and in character.

To say that Lauren had an obsession with Frozen was an understatement, so when she had learned it might be possible to obtain magical costumes that would actually transform her to look and feel like her heroines, Anna and Elsa she had jumped on the chance. 

She had ordered both costumes and on a whim decided to try on the Anna one first. Now she had it on, her breasts had got bigger, her face prettier and she was also feeling really, really horny.  Lauren had read somewhere in the small print about the costumes increasing your sex drive and making you feel slutty, but it had seemed like a small price to pay for becoming her favourite character.

“Oooooooh, all the boys at the cosplay convention are gonna so wanna fuck me,” she giggled, suddenly smiling at the thought of all those lonely nerds for her to prey on and screw.  

Her eyes fell on the Elsa costume, “Damn If only I had a sister, it would be so hawt to go with her to the convention.”

Lauren paused… okay she didn’t have a sister, but she did have a brother.  Surely the costume would transform Paul into a girl if she put it on him?  The thought was deliciously naughty.  Picking up the Elsa costume, she snuck over to her brothers room and peered through the keyhole.  He was lying on the bed asleep, his headphones on.  This was her chance!

Sneaking in, Lauren picked up the blonde Elsa wig and jammed it onto her brothers head.  The magic took effect at once and he groaned in his sleep as he began to change.

Big tits swelled out of Paul’s chest and his face became pretty as his dick shrivelled away and his body curved and transformed in all the right places.  His transformation into a girl complete, he sat up with a gasp and looked down at his different body in amazement.

“What the hell? Ooooh, why do I feel so nice?”

“Hi ‘Elsa’,” laughed Lauren,  “You should put the rest of your costume on, we have a convention to get to!”

The costume was affecting Paul and making him enjoy being a girl, so it didn’t take Lauren long to convince him to put the rest of it on.  Now he too was a horny slut.

“Ohhhh I’ve always wanted a sister,” giggled Lauren as she hugged Paul. “We can talk about boys and makeup and do stuff together. I’m so glad you’re a girl now.”

“Thanks for doing this to me,” smiled Paula as she became increasingly accepting of her new femininity.  “I think I like being your hot sister, this is fun!” Paula was now a slightly slutty girl with all the right impulses… she found boys attractive now and was looking forward to losing her virginity at the conference.

Well of course the two slutty sisters were a massive hit at the convention and had their pick of the boys.  They got up to all sorts of naughty mischief and bad behaviour.  By the time they got back home, they were both completely worn out after hours of hot sex and cosplay fun.

As Paula removed her costume, she was pleased to see the effects appeared to permanent.  She really did have the best ever sister…

This hits so fucking many buttons (and so many fucking buttons, lol) you have no idea