“I’m…yes, it’s very sexy and all, but I can’t help but feel like it’s a little bit objectifying. I mean, I can’t deny I find you attractive–obviously it would be silly to try, you can see the effect you have on me. But I feel like every time we try to discuss this, you just sort of tune out what I’m saying to focus on my cock.”

“Unhunh, cockkkk…”

“See that’s what I’m talking about. You don’t really see me as a person at all. It’s very dehumanizing when you drop to your knees as soon as you see me and start nuzzling my crotch. It’s like, do you even want to have a conversation at all? Do you want to hear about my day, about what I think about current events? Or do you just want to have mindless, animalistic sex? It’s kind of disheartening, knowing the only word you heard in all that is…”


“Is this…is it something cultural? I don’t want to be confrontational, but I really can’t help but feel like you wouldn’t react to just anyone like this. I don’t want to suggest that you’re, you know…racist…but there’s a lot of cultural programming that we receive about Black sexuality, and I find myself wondering if maybe you think this is a situation where it’s okay to just reduce me–emotionally, I mean–to a great big cock to stroke and suck and fuck? Because it’s not. It’s stereotyping on the face of it.”

“Nnnnh, yes…please, stroke and…suck, and fucccckkkkk…”

“There are just so many assumptions to unpack here, and I’m sure you think you’re being complimentary when you desperately beg me to pound your cunt with my huge cock, but I’m not entirely sure I’m comfortable taking on that kind of role with you. I really think the only way I’d agree to fuck you senseless the way you want is if you were to agree that deep down, this has nothing to do with me–you’re just the kind of woman who becomes mindless and horny and submissive whenever she sees a massive cock. You see how much sense it makes. Just admit that cock–any cock, just the sight of a hard shaft throbbing away in your hands–just admit that it hypnotizes you into helpless obedience, and you can suck and fuck all you want.”

“Mmmm….mhmmm, yesssss….mindless for cock, horny for cock, h-h-hypnotized by cock please fuck now please!!!”

“Good girl. Bend over now.”

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